Where is the Word Count on Google Docs?

Google Docs has numerous built-in features to facilitate its audience. One of them is “Word count”, which assists users in counting the number of words in the entire document. It is useful to determine the document length in the research paper, thesis, and business documentation. Additionally, Google Docs can display the live words count during typing. Considering its importance, this Google Docs post will provide a method to locate where the word count functionality. The content of the post is:

Let’s start!

Where is the Word Count on Google Docs?

To find out the “Word count” option in Google Docs, step-by-step instructions are provided below:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

 You can either open a new or an existing document in Google Docs. Here is an existing document carried out as below:

Step 2: Locate the Word count Option

Press the “Tools” tab that is located at the menu bar of the Google Docs window. It pops up a dropdown list with multiple options. Hit the “Word count” option as seen in the list:

It navigates to the “Word count” window. In this window, users can visualize the number of words, pages, characters, and characters excluding spaces:

Step 3(Optional): Display Word count While Typing

To see the live typing of text, checkmark the “Display word count while typing” option and hit the “OK” button that can be displayed in below figure:

A “GIF” has been captured that displays the number of words during typing. In this “GIF”, the word count starts from 107 and keeps increasing:

That’s all about this method.

How to Locate Word Count Using Shortcut Key?

An alternative way to access the location of word count is possible through the shortcut key “CTRL+SHIFT+C”. By following this, a “GIF” is captured that finds the word count in a shorter time:

Let’s explore Mobile Apps.

Bonus Tip: How to Locate Word Count in Mobile Apps?

Google Docs facilitates mobile users to find out the word count by pressing the three dots icon located at the right top corner of the window:

By pressing the icon, a dropdown list of multiple options is available; choose the “Word count” option as displayed here:

Now, users can display the word counts of existing written text with characters and characters excluding spaces:

That’s all from this guide!


To access the word count window in Google Docs, hit the “Word count” option from the “Tools” tab or the shortcut key “CTRL+SHIFT+C”. It pops up a “Word count” window containing the number of pages, characters, and many more. Additionally, users utilize the live word count during typing through the “Display word count while typing” option in the “Word count” window. This guide has covered all aspects to access as well as displaying word count in Google Docs.