Why Can’t I Change My Avatar on Discord?

Discord is currently the most well-known application and its popularity keeps on increasing due to its user-friendly interface and variety of features. Customizing your Discord profile, including changing your avatar, is a common desire among users. However, sometimes, a user is not able to change their avatar and faces some issues.

This article will provide comprehensive details on the possible reasons behind the “why cannot I change my avatar” with the solutions to fix it.

Solutions to Fix the Discord Avatar Change Issue

There could be many reasons why a user is not able to change the Discord avatar and some of them are listed below:

Changing Avatar Too Frequently

One common reason why a user might be unable to change their Discord avatar is if they have changed it multiple times within a short period. Discord allows users to change their avatars twice, but attempting a third change will result in being locked out from further modifications. So, in case a user has already changed their avatar twice then they need to wait for some time before trying to change it again. 

Discord Avatar Size Requirements

If the image user trying to upload as an avatar exceeds the maximum dimensions of 128 x 128 pixels or the file size exceeds 8 MB, then Discord won’t allow to upload it. Resizing the image to fit within these limits will enable users to change their Discord avatar without encountering any issues

Discord Bugs and Glitches

Discord, like any software application, can encounter bugs and glitches that may affect its functionalities. If a user is experiencing issues while changing their avatar, it’s possible that Discord is encountering a temporary bug or glitch. Additionally, keeping the Discord app updated to the latest version can help resolve potential bugs.

Issues with Discord Bots

If a user has enabled multiple Discord bots on their server, then they might interfere and won’t allow changing the avatar. This issue can be resolved if the user disables those bots temporarily and then try to change the avatar again. Moreover, a user should review the bot’s documentation or contact its developer for assistance in modifying the bot.

Restarting the Device

In some cases, restarting the device can sometimes help in resolving temporary issues or glitches. Close the Discord app, restart your device, and launch Discord again. Attempt to change the avatar once the device restarts to see if the issue persists.

How to Change Discord Avatar?

A user can change their avatar by following the below steps:

Step 1: Launch User Settings

First, Launch the “User Settings” by using the “Gear” icon available at the bottom:

Change My Avatar on Discord

Step 2: Open “Edit User Profile”

Next, under the “My Account” tab, a user needs to click on the “Edit User Profile” button:

Change My Avatar on Discord1

Step 3: Choose “Change Avatar”

After that, hit on the “Change Avatar” button which will appear under the “Profiles” tab: 

Change My Avatar on Discord2

Step 4: Choose the Image

At this stage, a user can either upload a normal image if they are not Nitro users or a GIF image as well in case, they have a Nitro subscription: 

Change My Avatar on Discord3

Step 5: Adjust the Image

Lastly, choose an image from a desired directory and adjust it using the provided slider. The slider will zoom in and zoom out the image. After that. hit the “Apply” button to save changes:

Change My Avatar on Discord4

That’s all on the guide “Why Can’t I Change My Discord Avatar?


Customizing a Discord profile by changing the avatar is a popular way to personalize user presence on the platform. However, various factors can prevent them from changing their Discord avatar, including frequent changes, avatar size issues, bugs and glitches, and conflicts with Discord bots. The solutions to fix such issues have been discussed in detail in this comprehensive guide.