Why Does Discord Keep Crashing?

Discord has gained immense popularity as a communication platform for gamers, communities, and businesses. However, it can be frustrating when Discord keeps crashing, and a user is no longer able to communicate with others. This article will discuss the possible causes behind Discord crashes and the methods to fix this issue.

Possible Causes of Discord Crashes

Some of the main reasons why Discord keeps crashing are listed below:

  • Conflicts with Other Software: Discord crashes can occur due to conflicts with certain programs installed on the computer. This can especially occur with that software that uses the microphone, or camera or provides an overlay. Programs such as Xbox Game Bar, MSI Afterburner, Steam, and Google Meet have been known to cause issues with Discord.
  • Outdated or Corrupt drivers: Discord crashes can be a result of outdated or corrupt drivers on your PC. 
  • App-related Issues: Sometimes, the Discord app itself can cause this error if there are some bugs and other such issues. So, a user should close the app completely and then re-launch it again or install it again from the official Discord website.
  • Compatibility Issues: Discord crashes can arise due to compatibility issues with the audio subsystem. Incompatibility between Discord and certain media equipment can lead to unexpected app closures. Enabling legacy mode in Discord allows you to use your equipment without causing crashes.
  • Hardware Acceleration: Discord utilizes hardware acceleration to enhance performance, however, this feature can sometimes contribute to crashes. Disabling hardware acceleration in Discord settings can be an effective solution to prevent crashes.
  • Corrupted Discord Cache: Discord stores cache data on the computer to improve performance and load times. However, a corrupted cache can lead to crashes. Clearing the Discord cache can help to resolve the issue.

Solutions to Fix Discord Crashing Issues

To fix the Discord keeps crashing issue, follow the below-discussed solutions.

Fix 1: Update Device Drivers

The Discord application keeps on crashing due to outdated device drivers. A user can manually update drivers by visiting the manufacturer’s website or using automated tools like CCleaner.

Fix 2: Identify Conflicting Software

It’s essential to identify programs that conflict with Discord. If a user experience crashes when specific software is running, try disabling or uninstalling it to determine if the “Discord keeps crashing” issue resolves the issue.

Fix 3: Troubleshoot App-related Issues

When Discord crashes persist, performing a clean reinstall of the Discord app can help resolve any underlying problems using the “Discord official website”:

Fix 4: Enable Legacy Mode

If the media equipment is not compatible with Discord’s standard audio subsystem mode then crashes can also occur. To resolve this, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Launch User Settings

The user settings can be launched by clicking on the “Gear” icon:

Step 2: Choose the Legacy Mode

Now, scroll down and navigate to the “Voice & Video” tab and choose the “Legacy” option under the “AUDIO SUBSYSTEM”:

Fix 6: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Disabling hardware acceleration in Discord can prevent crashes caused by incompatibilities with certain systems. This option can also be disabled by navigating to the “Advanced” tab under the User settings and then toggling off the “Hardware Acceleration” option:

Fix 7: Clear Discord Cache

If a corrupted cache is causing Discord crashes, clearing the cache can help resolve the issue by following the below steps. 

Step 1: Execute “%appdata%”

First, open the run utility by pressing the “Windows + R” keys, type “%appdata%” and then hit the “OK” button:

Step 2: Delete the Cache_Data Files

Next, navigate to the “Discord” folder, then the “Cache” folder, and delete all the cache data from the “Cache_Data” subfolder to resolve the Discord crash issue:

That’s all about resolving the “Discord keeps crashing” issue.


Discord crashing can be a frustrating experience and occurs by various causes such as conflicts with other software, outdated drivers, app-related problems, compatibility issues, hardware acceleration, or corrupted Discord cache. This issue can be resolved by updating device drivers, enabling legacy mode, disabling hardware acceleration, and clearing the Discord cache when necessary. This article has elaborated on the potential solutions to fix the Discord keeps crashing issue.