YouTube Discord Bots

YouTube Discord Bots are third-party applications that can be integrated with both YouTube and Discord platforms. They allow users to connect with their server and enhance their experience by providing useful features. This article will discuss two of the most useful Discord bot for YouTube as mentioned below.

  1. Muzox
  2. Teal Music

Muzox Discord Bot for YouTube

Muzox is a Discord bot that helps YouTubers share their latest videos with their Discord server members. It is a free and easy-to-use bot that makes the process of sharing YouTube videos automatic and hassle-free:

Features of Muzox Discord

Some of the key features of “Muzox” Discord bot are discussed below.

Automatic Video Sharing: The most significant feature of Muzox is its ability to automatically share your latest YouTube video with your Discord server members. This feature saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to manually share your videos with your server members.

Customizable Message: Muzox allows you to customize the message that is posted in your Discord server every time you upload a new video to YouTube. 

Real-time Video Information: It provides real-time information about your latest YouTube video to have a quick overview of your video’s content and popularity. The bot displays the video’s title, thumbnail, and description, as well as the number of views, likes, and comments. 

Video Search: This bot can be used to search any YouTube video within Discord which is useful if you want to share a video with your server members that is not your own. 

Queue System: Muzox has a queue system that allows you to manage the order of video sharing in your Discord server. You can add multiple videos to the queue, and this bot will post them in the order you specified. 

Subscription Notifications: It allows you to receive notifications in Discord of a subscribed YouTube channel which is useful to keep up with the latest content.

Teal Music Discord Bot 

Teal Music is a Discord bot that allows you to listen to music and watch YouTube videos directly from your Discord server. It offers various features, including high-quality audio streaming, playlists, queue management, and music search:

Features of Teal Music Discord Bot

Some of the key features of “Teal Music” Discord bot are mentioned below.

Wide Music Library: Teal Music comes with an extensive music library and supports playlists, albums, and individual tracks, for a unique listening experience.

High-quality Audio: Teal Music delivers high-quality audio that supports multiple audio formats, including MP3 and FLAC for a better music experience.

Search and Request Functionality: Teal Music allows you to search for specific songs and add them to the queue with ease. 

Smart Queue Management: Teal Music’s queue management system will automatically remove songs from the queue as they are played. You can also rearrange the queue and skip songs as needed, giving you full control over the listening experience.

Automatic Updates: This bot is regularly updated where its developers are constantly working to improve its functionality and add new features. 


YouTube Discord Bots are a great way to enhance your experience on both YouTube and Discord platforms. These bots provide useful features to help you engage your server more effectively to suit your needs. This article has discussed two of the most useful Discord bots for YouTube which are “Muzox” and “Teal Music”.