How to Delete MySQL Users Accounts

How to Delete MySQL Users Accounts?

Learn how to delete MySQL user accounts with our detailed guide. Remove unnecessary or outdated users to improve security and efficiency on your MySQL server.

How to Reset the MySQL Root Password

How to Reset the MySQL Root Password?

Forgot your MySQL root password? Our guide has you covered. Follow our step-by-step instructions to reset the password and regain access to your database.

How to check MySQL version

How to Check the MySQL Version?

MySQL version can be checked on Linux using the “v” option of the MySQL command and the mysql shell. Read this post for practical implementation.


30 important MySQL tips and tricks

MySQL is used to handle and manage the data of large websites because it provides support to comprehensive application development. MySQL is used by UBER, Netflix, Shopify, and Twitter companies for the management of the data of their servers or databases. MySQL is popular because of its lot of features one of it is the capability to handle the huge data with a fast speed. In this article we have explained the 30 top MySQL tips and tricks which are very helpful if you are using MySQL.