How to download and install Ubuntu Game pack

From the name, it is clear that this operating system has some strong connection with the games, if you are thinking the same, then YES! You are right, the Ubuntu GamePack is a Linux-based operating system with more than 85,842 games that can run on Linux and other operating systems.

This operating system by default contains the game management packages like Steam and Game Jolt, a program to run the role-playing games, as well as the utility of the DosBox, which will help you play old games which were DOS based.

The operating system is open-source and can be installed on any computer which has a memory of more than 20 GB, in this write-up, we will explain the method to download and install the Ubuntu GamePack.

How to download Ubuntu GamePack

To download the Ubuntu GamePack iso we will open the official website of the UserAndLinux and click on the “Download” option:

Scroll down the page and you will different option under the title of the “Downloads”, click on the “Ubuntu GamePack”:

Different releases of the “Ubuntu GamePack” are available, choose any of your choice, but we are downloading the latest release of the “Ubuntu GamePack”:

The download will starts automatically.

How to install Ubuntu GamePack

When the installation setup is started, a screen will appear similar to the one shown below:

Then it will check the disk components:

Two options will appear, one the installation and the second is of try, click on the installation one:

Then it will ask you to set up the keyboard layout you are using:

Then it will ask you which software you want to install, check the boxes shown below:

It will ask you about the approach by which you want to install the Ubuntu_game_pack, we will use the approach by erasing all the data from the hard disk and installing it:

Then the installation process will start which takes a few minutes so meanwhile, you can grab a cup of coffee until the installation is finished. When the installation is finished, it will ask you to enter some details about the user, set a hostname, and finally set a password to secure your operating system:

A notification will be prompted showing that the installation is completed, now you have to restart the system, click on the “Restart Now” button:

Click on the user name, in our case it is, “itslinux” to log in to the Ubuntu Game Pack OS:

A welcome screen will appear:

Choose the keyboard layout of your keyboard:

Either toggle the button to enable the location or simply skip to the next step:

The social accounts to which you want to log in, can synchronize them or skip them by clicking on the “Skip”:

The configuration of the Ubuntu GamePack has been done:


For the gamers community, this is the best operating system which provides them access to more than 8600 games. It also includes the GameMode optimizer that changes the settings of the Desktop and other background setting to improve the performance of playing games. In this article, the downloading and installing method of the Ubuntu GamePack has been explained.