How to Install Security Updates on Ubuntu 22.04

Security updates are the new features that are introduced by the developers of the operating system to fix the bugs which are faced by the users. Security updates often contain some improvements to make the operating system perform well with more security. When you install these security updates, your concerned application becomes more secured and works with better performance as compared to these security updates.

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system whose developer team is releasing security updates time by time to provide the best possible operating system to its users. In this guide, we are going to explore different installation methods of security updates on Ubuntu.

How to Install Security Updates on Ubuntu 22.04

There are two methods to install security updates on Ubuntu:

  • using the terminal
  • using the Graphical User Interface

Method 1: How to Install Security Updates on Ubuntu 22.04 using the Terminal

To install security updates from the terminal, follow the step-by-step procedure provided below:

Step 1: Open the terminal of Ubuntu 22.04

Open the terminal of Ubuntu 22.04 either by searching the “Terminal” in the Application’s menu or using the shortcut key of CTRL+ALT+T.

Step 2: Check the security status of Ubuntu 22.04

To get the status of installed packages on Ubuntu, check the security update status by running the below-mentioned command:

$ ubuntu-security-status

Step 3: Update the packages of Ubuntu 22.04

Update all the packages of Ubuntu to install newly released updates:

$ sudo apt update

202 packages can be upgraded.

Step 4: Find out the upgradeable packages on Ubuntu 22.04

To display the list of the upgradeable packages, execute the command:

$ sudo apt list --upgradeable

Step 5: Upgrade the updates of packages of Ubuntu 22.04

To upgrade the released updates of packages, utilize the command:

$ sudo apt upgrade

It will ask you the permission of proceeding the operation, permit it by typing the “y” and press the “ENTER” key:

It can be seen that the security updates are also being checked.

When all the updates are checked and downloaded, it will start to install these updates:

Step 6: Upgrade the Kernel of Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 22.04’s kernel can be upgraded by fully upgrading the system:

$ sudo apt full-upgrade -y

Step 7: Upgrade the “kept back” packages on Ubuntu 22.04

The “Kept back” packages are those packages that are dependent on other packages. To upgrade all the “kept back” packages, run the command:

$ sudo apt dist-upgrade -y

Method 2: How to install Security Updates on Ubuntu 22.04 using the Graphical User Interface

Another method is quite easy to understand as it is a graphical user interface method (GUI method).

Search for the “Software Updater” in the Application’s Search bar:

Click on the icon shown in the above screenshot and it will start to look for the available updates:

If there are any Security updates available, it will show a window as shown below:

Click on the “Install Now” button and the system will start to download and install the updates:

Once done, it will ask you to restart the computer to finish the installation of updates.

We can also configure the settings that automatically can check the updates after a defined time period. For this, you have to again search for the “Software & updates” in the application search bar:

Click on the above shown icon and in the “Updates” menu, you can set the settings of Updates:


With the passage of time the developer’s team of Ubuntu is releasing new updates to fix the bugs, and improve the performance of Ubuntu, and making it more secure for its users. In this write-up, two different methods are explored to install the security updates on Ubuntu 22.04.