How to Install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04

Thunderbird is email-client available for free. It also provides a cross-platform which means it can be run on other operating systems such as Linux, windows and MacOS. If you want to manage all your stuff like email account(s) and personal information such as calendar, contact information etc., Thunderbird will manage all this for you in a systematic way. There are some other important features including news feeds, newsgroups and chat etc.

This educational content will give a detailed overview of Thunderbird installation in Ubuntu 22.04. Additionally, this article serves the followings:

  • How to install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04
  • How to configure Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04
  • How to remove Thunderbird from Ubuntu 22.04

How to Install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04

Thunderbird has some extra features which keep it unique from other clients. These features include personal information manager, newsgroups, multiple email configuration etc.

The following procedural steps describe the installation and configuration of Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 1: Update System Repositories

First of all, update and upgrade your system using the commands mentioned below;

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

In the above output you may notice some changes in your system after running the update and upgrade command.

Step 2: Install Thunderbird with Ubuntu Package Manager (apt)

After updating the cache, the following apt command will install Thunderbird along with its relevant dependencies.

$ sudo apt install thunderbird

The above output represents that all the packages and dependencies were installed without any error.

Step 3: Verification of Thunderbird

The with “–version” will verify whether Thunderbird is installed and present in your machine or not:

$ thunderbird --version 

Step 4: Open Thunderbird Application

As the above steps are successfully done. Now run the thunderbird command to open the application.

$ thunderbird

The above-mentioned steps ensure that the Thunderbird has been installed successfully.

How to configure Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04

After the installation process, the next step is to configure and synchronize your email with Thunderbird.

Step 1: Account Setup

When you run thunderbird command from your terminal, a new window will open regarding Account Setup. The window screen can be seen below.

The above screenshot shows how to set your credentials in a box such as full name, email and password.

Save your credentials by clicking on the Continue button.

Step 2: Server Configuration (IMAP/POP3)

After configuring your email and password, you will notice in the below screenshot that there are two options available for further configurations.

IMAP: IMAP will synchronize your credentials and folders on your server.

POP3: POP3 will store your credentials and folders on your computer.

Choosing one of the options between IMAP and POP3 is totally up to your requirements. Select one of the suitable options and click on Done.

Step 3: Authentication of the Credentials

On this stage Thunderbird will try to connect your email. For that purpose, Thunderbird wants to access your email account which you have mentioned earlier. The screenshot is attached below for your understanding. Click on the Allow button.

Step 4: Account Creation and Email Synchronization

You can see in the below screenshot that your account successfully created.

You have successfully completed your configuration process. Now, click on the Finish button.

Click on the Finish button and check your emails (on the left side) if all the emails are synchronized successfully.

Step 5: Compose and Send Email with Thunderbird

The below window screenshot will describe how to write an email and send it with attachment files.

That’s it! You have configured Thunderbird to use it as your email client

How to remove Thunderbird from Ubuntu 22.04

In case you do not need Thunderbird anymore. Ubuntu 22.04 allows you to remove Thunderbird from your machine. Run the apt purge command from the terminal and press “y” to continue.

$ sudo apt purge thunderbird

You can see in the above output screen that the Thunderbird and its relevant dependencies have been removed successfully.


Thunderbird is available on the official repository of Ubuntu 22.04 and can be installed easily via the apt package manager. This article demonstrates a step-by-step procedure to install Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04. To use Thunderbird as your email client, it is necessary to configure your email with Thunderbird. You have learned the configuration and synchronization of Thunderbird on Ubuntu 22.04.