How to Apply MacOS Theme on Ubuntu 22.04

If you’re a macOS lover and do not want to spend much money on a Mac, do not worry, this article will help you to change your ubuntu 22.04 into MacOS. Linux distributions are open for developers, who can customize their operating systems. There are a number of customized utilities such as themes, fonts, and icons available for Linux distributions. This article will teach you in applying the macOS theme to Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Apply MacOS Theme on Ubuntu 22.04

With a friendly environment for its users, one can customize the Ubuntu 22.04 themes, icons, background, etc. to Mac alike interface. The following steps will lead you to apply the macOS theme on Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 1: Choose a MacOS theme

First of all, you will need to choose a macOS theme. Visit the Gnome website by navigating to the following link and choose one of your favorite themes. Suppose I want to apply the Ant theme on my Ubuntu 22.04. Click on the theme link 

Under the title GTK3/4 Themes, select Ant Themes.

Search for the source link (source: and note it down.

Step 2: Clone the repository to the /.themes folder

You need to clone the repository inside /.themes directory. Navigate the “/.themes” folder by using the command mentioned below:

$ cd ~/.themes

The git clone command will clone the Ant Themes to your ./themes folder located in Home.

$ git clone

When all is done, the Ant folder can be found in Home/.themes

Note: In case the /.themes folder is not available, unhide all the files with Ctrl+H or create a new folder with the same name (.themes).

Step 3: Choose the macOS icons set

For icon themes, choose your favorite icon theme and copy the source link. Click on full icon themes under the Categories tab. In our case, we have selected Steve Icon Theme.

Copy the source link (

Step 4: Clone the git repository in “/.icons” directory

Change your directory to /.icons with the below command.

$ cd ~/.icons

Clone the steve-icon-theme folder to /.icons with git clone command from the terminal.

$ git clone 

The icon theme can be found in the Home/.icons folder

Step 5: Install icons theme

Change your directory to /.icons/steve-icon-theme by using the cd command as shown below:

$ cd steve-icon-theme

Run the following command to execute the .sh script of icons themes folder.

$ ./ all 

Step 6: Install Gnome-Shell-Extensions

To access and apply the user-defined theme/icon settings, you will need to install the required extensions. Gnome-shell-extensions will allow you to use the user theme settings. Use the command “apt install” to install the gnome extensions.

$ sudo apt install gnome-shell-extensions

Go to Ubuntu Activities and search for Extensions and open the application

Under the Dock section, go to the User Themes, and Enable the toggle button as shown below.

Step 7: Install Gnome Tweaks

For Tweaks settings, install the gnome-tweaks.

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Tweaks are now installed in Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 8: Apply Icons

Open GNOME tweaks in the application’s search bar

Under the Appearance category, choose your downloaded Icons.

From the Icons dropdown menu, select “Steve” as shown below.

That’s it you have set the icons set.

Step 9: Apply Theme

To apply the Ant themes, Select the Legacy Applications.

Search the Ant themes and select. Now close the window.

The Ant theme is set for your Legacy Applications.

Step 10: Dock Settings

Finally, we have entered the last stage. For Dock customization, go to your system Settings.

Under the Appearance, go to the Dock section and perform the following changes:

  • Disable the Panel mode (the dock will extend to the center rather than the screen edge)
  • Decrease your Icon size
  • Move to the “Position on screen” option and choose “Bottom

Step 11: Change Background

Change your Background under the Background tab.

There you are, all is done well. Enjoy your MacOS look on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Remove the MacOS themes from Ubuntu 22.04

The MacOS themes can be removed with the following commands. Remove the gnome-tweaks extensions with the autoremove command.

$ sudo apt autoremove gnome-tweaks 

Run the below command for uninstalling the gnome-shell-extensions.

$ sudo apt autoremove gnome-shell-extensions

As the tweaks and extensions are removed, the theme/icons set would automatically be removed from your system.

That’s it! You have learned to apply and remove the macOS theme and MacOS icons set on Ubuntu 22.04


Ubuntu 22.04 provides a user-friendly environment for its users. It has outstanding features for customization. One can easily customize the themes, fonts, icons, backgrounds, etc. This article provides a step-by-step procedure to get and apply MacOS themes and icons to Ubuntu 22.04. Firstly, you have to download the suitable theme from Gnome-look and then apply it with the help of Gnome tweaks.