How to Change Folder Color in Ubuntu 22.04

The colors have a great effect either in human life or on computer screens. Ubuntu provides the facility to change the colors of folders that you want. A Ubuntu user can change the colors of folder icons from the default to green, blue, yellow, and so on. Moreover, you can also add various flags to the folders such as Favorite, In Progress, Finished etc.

This detailed guide provides a procedural method to change the folder color on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to change folder color in Ubuntu 22.04

A user can change the folder color in the latest version of Ubuntu 22.04 by adding the PPA repository of Yaru-folder-color to the Ubuntu’s default packages repository. The folder-color utility provided by Yaru comprises twelve different colors that can be applied to folders. The following steps are performed to get the Yaru-folder-color package and install it on Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 1: Add PPA repository of Yaru folder color

To add the PPA repository of Yaru-folder-color to the Ubuntu’s official packages repository, type and run the following command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costales/yaru-colors-folder-color

The output shows that the PPA of the yaru-colors-folder-color is added on the Ubuntu’s 22.04 repository list.

Step 2: Update system’s official repository

A user should update the system’s packages repository for updated packages. To update the system’s packages, run the following command in terminal:

$ sudo apt update

The installed packages are updated successfully.

Step 3: Install yaru-colors-folder package

Now, install the Yaru-color-folder-color package using the apt package manager of Yaru-color theme. For this purpose, run the following ‘Yaru-color-folder-color package’ command in the terminal:

$ sudo apt install yaru-colors-folder-color folder-color

Press the ‘Y’ key to continue the process.

The output showed that the yaru-colors-folderpackagewas installed successfully.

Step 4: Quit nautilus

Nautilus is an official file manager in the GNOME desktop environments. Quit the Nautilus file manager to adapt the changes:

$ nautilus -q

Nautilus is quitted successful.

Step 5: Apply colors to folders

After the successful installation of the yaru-colors-folder package, you can right click on any directory to get the color’s option.

For example, if we want to change the color of the Documents folder, right-click on it. Select the ‘Folder’s Color’ from the following menu. The new menu with color names will open. Choose the new color of your choice for folder.

We have selected “Pink” and the color of Documents has been changed successfully.

A user can change the color of any folder using the same method.

Here, you have learned to install and use folder colors utility on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to remove folder colors utility from Ubuntu 22.04

If a user doesn’t want to use the folder’s color utility, then it can be removed from the latest version of Ubuntu 22.04. To remove the folder’s color utility, type and execute the following remove command in terminal:

$ sudo apt remove folder-color

The output showed that folder color utility was removed/uninstalled successfully from Ubuntu 22.04.


The folder colors can be changed by adding the PPA repository of Yaru-folder-color. You can change the colors or set an identification on the folder. In this writeup, we have illustrated the method to change the folder color in Ubuntu 22.04. The Yaru-color-folder pack is equipped with the mostly used colors and emblem effects such as finished, In Progress, Favorite and so on.