How to Install Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 22.04

As the name Cloud itself explains, it provides cloud services, especially in terms of programming languages. Google Cloud SDK (Software Development Kit) handles large datasets with authentication and for the long term. Google CLI performs many tasks for you. These tasks include creating, managing, and deploying models/applications.

The main objective of this learning-based article is to install Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Install Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 22.04

Google Cloud Platform provides a set of tools for managing applications and resources in the form of Google Cloud SDK (Software Development Kit).

The following step will illustrate the complete Google Cloud SDK installation process:

Step 1: Install the CURL

First, install curl packages which will be used to download from external website links.

$ sudo apt install curl

Note: Curl stands for Client URL which helps to transfer data using different network protocols using the command line

Step 2: Download the SDK Package from Google

Ubuntu stores thousands of packages in its official repository. But some packages can also be outsourced from the other repositories through links. The Google Cloud SDK is not available in the Ubuntu repository therefore we will download the package from the google repository. The following command will download the media in tar format via curl command.

$ curl -O

Step 3: Extract the tar file

Extract the tar file with Ubuntu built-in command. The following command will extract the tar file of google cloud cli:

$ tar -xf google-cloud-cli-387.0.0-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Step 4: Install Google Cloud SDK

The tar file is successfully extracted, now run the below command to install the google cloud sdk package. To help Google Cloud for service improvement, press “Y” else press “N”:

$ ./google-cloud-sdk/

The output shows that the Google Cloud SDK has been installed successfully.

How to set up Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 22.04

Once the installation is completed, you need to follow some steps to set up Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 22.04. You need to perform only two steps that are demonstrated below.

Step 1: Initialize the Google Cloud

Now initialize the google cloud with the following command. Press “Y” for login into the google account.

$ ./google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud init

Step 2: Sign in with Google Account

Enter your google email address (Gmail address) to proceed further.

Type the password of the email address (that you entered)

The following interface will appear, navigate to the Allow button.

The Google Cloud SDK authentication process has been completed successfully. Now you can create your project by using Google Cloud services.

As the above screenshot shows that google authenticated your credentials against Google Cloud CLI.


Google Cloud SDK can be installed on Ubuntu 22.04 by downloading its tar file. Google Cloud provides a Software Development Kit interconnecting with any programming language of your choice through google cloud APIs. Apart from installation, we have also demonstrated various steps to set up Google Cloud SDK on Ubuntu 22.04.