Install or Upgrade to Latest Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 22.04

Within a computer, all the communication between the hardware and software, management of processes, and other tasks, including file system management and I/O disks, are all done by the Kernel. Linux development team is continuously working to fix the bugs, security updates, and deploy performance updates of the Linux Kernel. Moreover, upgrading the latest kernel will permit you to install the newly released upgrades.

In this blog, the method of installing and upgrading the Kernel to the latest available version of Ubuntu has been discovered.

How to Install and Upgrade to the Latest available Linux Kernel on Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish?

By following the steps mentioned below, we can install and upgrade the Linux Kernel to the latest available Kernel.

Step 1: Check Current Kernel Version

Hit “CTRL+ALT+T” to open a terminal and check out the installed kernel version:

$ uname -r

As you can see, currently, Kernel version “5.15.0” is operating on our system:

Step 2: Download Kernel Bash Script

We will install the latest version of Kernel by downloading the latest available Debian files by opening the following link on web browser:  

After this, navigate to the “Downloads” directory and list down the downloaded contents using the command:

$ cd Downloads && ls

Step 3: Install deb files on Ubuntu

Now, we will install all the downloaded Debian files using the command:

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Step 4: Reboot the Ubuntu

To apply the new changes, we have to restart the system by running the command:

$ reboot

Step 5: Verify the upgradation of latest Kernel on Ubuntu

To verify the new upgrade of latest Kernel, we will again use the command:

$ uname -r

It is observed that the kernel version is updated from “” to “”.

That’s all from this Kernel upgradation guide!


Kernel is an important part of the operating system that is mainly responsible for the entire communication between the hardware and software of the computer in this blog, different steps are being discussed, following which we can upgrade the Linux Kernel to the latest kernel available on Ubuntu 22.04.