How to Install Windows 10 in VirtualBox in Linux?

VirtualBox is a widely used virtualization tool to run various operating systems. In this post, we will demonstrate the detailed method to install Windows 10 in a Virtualbox in Linux. The content of this post is as follows:

Let’s start with the prerequisites:


To install Windows 10, numerous prerequisites need to be on your system before starting the installation. Let’s get them one by one:  

Download the ISO File of Windows 10

To install Windows 10 on the VirtualBox in Linux, ensure the updated ISO file of Windows 10 has been downloaded on the machine from the official website of “Microsoft”.

Install VirtualBox on Linux

Open the terminal of the Linux and run one of the below-mentioned commands to install the package “VirtualBox”:

To get it on Debian-based distributions:

$ sudo apt install virtualbox -y

After the execution of the above command is completed, the package of the VirtualBox has been installed on Ubuntu. Likewise, it can be installed on Fedora-based distributions using the command:

$ sudo dnf install virtualbox

To install VirtualBox on CenOS and RHEL-based Linux distributions, use the command:

$ sudo yum install virtualbox

Create the Machine in VirtualBox

The virtual machine needs to be created to set up a ground for installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox. To do so, open the VirtualBox and follow the steps given elbow:

Once the VirtualBox window is opened, click on the “New” button:

Then, set the name for the OS which will be installed as well machine’s folder, type, and version:

When all is set, click the “Next” button, and assign the RAM size to the machine. It is recommended to assign memory size by moving the cursor in the green colored area (keep in mind the original memory of your machine):

Then, click on the “Create a virtual hard disk now” and then the “Create” button to create the machine:

Choose the “VDI ( VirtualBox Disk Image)” type of Hard disk:

Then, choose the type of storage of the hard disk. It is recommended to choose “Dynamically allocated” instead of “Fixed size”:

When the machine is created, choose the machine, then click on the “Settings” icon and the “Storage” option. Here choose the “ISO” file of Windows 10, and then click the “OK” button:

The machine will be created successfully and available in the library of VirtualBox.

How to Install Windows 10 on VirtualBox in Linux?

Once all the set of prerequisites is completed. The following steps are carried out to do so:

Step 1: Run the Machine

Its time to “Run” the machine by clicking on the “Run” icon at the top:

As soon as the machine is run, the installation process will begin which can be seen below:

Step 2: Set the Language/Time/Layout

First, set the language, region, time, and layout of the keyboard. Click on the “Next” button:

Then, click on the “Install now” button to start the Installation of Windows 10:

The setup wizard of Windows 10 is going to be started:

Step 3: Add the Product Key

Type the “Product-Key” of the Windows, which can be purchased from the official website of “Microsoft”:

Then read and accept the terms & conditions mentioned in the agreement and then proceed to the next step of installation:

Step 4: Choose the Installation Type and Partition

Choose the first option for the installation (as it would create a fresh copy of the Windows 10):

Choose the partition of the machine where it is to be installed:

The installation of Windows 10 will be started:

It will take a few minutes to get completed:

When the installation is completed it will restart the machine automatically:

The machine is restarted, and now its time for Windows 10 to be configured itself for you:

Step 5: Confirm Your Region

Confirm the region where you are using the machine:

Also, confirm the layout of the keyboard:

Enter the Microsoft account with its credentials to proceed with the configuration of Windows 10. You can also create a new one by choosing the option of “Create account”:

Accept the privacy conditions for your machine:

Then, it will again take a few minutes to set up for you:

Finally, the home screen of the Windows 10 is displayed on the screen:

Finally, Windows 10 is installed on the VirtualBox and is set to use as a secondary Operating System.

That’s all about this post!


To install Windows 10 on VirtualBox on Linux, install the VirtualBox on Linux, and download the Windows 10 iso. Then create a machine on VirtualBox and customize it for Windows 10. Finally, run that virtual machine and follow the instructions; you will get Windows 10 in a short time.