How to Use ChatGPT in Linux Terminal

How to Use ChatGPT in Linux Terminal

To use the ChatGPT on the Linux terminal, install the “terminalgpt” using the Pip Python package manager. Then login to it with the generated ChatGPT API secret key.

How to Install Flax on Linux

How to Install FLAX on Linux

To install the FLAX on Linux, install the pip package in the Linux distribution. Then use the pip command and run “pip install flax”.

How to Ping Google from Windows or Linux

How to Ping Google from Windows or Linux

To ping Google from Windows and Linux, open the Command Prompt or terminal respectively. Run the command “ping” and the information will be displayed

How to Install Streamlit on Linux

How to Install Streamlit on Linux

o install the Streamlit on Linux, 3 different methods can be used. First is by using the pip, second is with the conda, and the last is by using the source.

Install pytorch in linux

How to Install PyTorch on Linux

To install PyTorch on Linux, two different methods including anaconda, and the pip packages are used and these methods are explained in this blog.

Mount a CIFS Share

How Do I Mount a CIFS Share?

The CIFS share is mounted when the mount command is used with the cifs-utility. To automatically mount, credentials are added in the/etc/fstab file.

How to Hide curl Output in Linux

How to Hide curl Output in Linux?

The curl command’s output could be long sometimes, so the output is hidden to avoid cluttering the terminal. However, errors can be displayed.

What are PPAs and how to Use them

What are PPA’s and How to Use Them?

Personal Package Archives or PPAs are used to distribute software to users not available in the official repositories without waiting for official approval.

What is a Chain in iptables in Linux

What is a Chain in iptables in Linux?

In iptables, chains provide a flexible and powerful way to manage network traffic. Users can create custom chains and define specific sets of rules in them.

What is a .ts File

What is a .ts File?

The .ts is the “Transparent Stream” acronym and is a type of video format. This is used to store videos on DVDs and stream them over the internet.

lrwxrwxrwx in Linux

lrwxrwxrwx in Linux

The “lrwxrwxrwx” permission specifies that the symbolic link to another file has read, write, and execution permissions to all its users and groups.

How to Use WPA_Supplicant

How to Use WPA_Supplicant?

In Linux, use the WPA_Supplicant to connect with the Wi-Fi networks. Also, establish connections with hidden, insecure networks and WEP routers.

What Does_sudo rm -rf_do

What Does ‘sudo rm -rf /*’ do?

The “sudo rm -rf /*” command recursively deletes all files and directories from the root directory. It deletes all the files on the computer permanently.

How to Force a Clock Update Using NTP

How to Force a Clock Update Using NTP?

To force a clock update using the NTP server, use the “ntpdate” command and “ntpd” service. They synchronize the time on the system with the time NTP server.

How do I Find Out Users in a Group?

To find out which users are in a group within Linux, utilize the “groups”, “getent”, and “id -Gn” commands and the “/etc/group” file.

How to Completely Uninstall Docker

How to Completely Uninstall Docker?

While uninstalling docker, a few configuration files and components must be manually deleted through a series of commands which require execution one by one.

How to Use SCP with PEM File

How to Use SCP with PEM File?

To create a “.pem” file using the SCP, use the “ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -e -m pem” command. Then, upload or download a file or directory using SCP.