How to Make Ubuntu 22.04 Look Like Mac OS

Operating Systems are significant parts of electronics devices such as PC, mobiles, Tab, and much more. It offers major services and functionalities, and Mac OS is one of them. Because Apple Inc. developed it, Mac OS is only compatible with Macbooks and iPhones. You can also utilize different themes to change the view of your Ubuntu 22.04 and make it look like Mac OS.

This guide shows you how to make the Ubuntu operating system resemble Mac OS.

How to make Ubuntu 22.04 OS look like Mac OS

To make Ubuntu resemble Mac OS, follow the instructions described below.

Step 1: Install Gnome Tweaks

First of all, press “CTRL+ALT+T” to open the terminal and install Gnome Tweaks on Ubuntu 22.04:

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Step 2: Download Mac OS theme

Navigate to the below-provided link and click on “Download” drop-down button for downloading highlighted Mac OS theme:

The specified download will start within a few seconds:

Now you can see the selected “Mojave-dark.tar.xz” theme is downloaded and saved in the “Downloads” directory:

Step 3: Unzip the Downloaded theme

Unzip the downloaded theme by right-clicking on the “Mojave-dark.tar.xz” file and click on “Extract Here” option:

Copy the Extracted folder:

Step 4: Make new Directory

Make a new directory with the name “.themes” using the “mkdir” command:

Go to the “Home” directory and press “CTRL+H” to view hidden directories. Then, open the “.themes” folder:

Paste the copied “Mojave-dark” theme here:

Now, let’s move to Download Mac OS icons.

Step 5: Download Mac OS icons

In the next step, navigate the below-given link, then click on the “Download” drop-down button and select the highlighted file to download it:

Click on the “Download” button to start Mac OS icons installation:

Now you can see the “Mojave-CT-Eos” zip file is successfully downloaded and saved in the Downloads directory:

Open the “Downloads” directory and unzip the file by right-clicking on the “Mojave-CT-Eos.tar.xz” file. Then select “Extract here” from the displayed options:

Now right-click on the extracted folder and select the “Copy” option:

Step 6: Create new directory for icons

Make new “.icons” directory using the “mkdir” command:

$ mkdir .icons

Then open the newly created “.icons” folder:

And paste the copied folder here:

Step 7: Make required changes in Tweaks

Open the “Tweaks” application by searching it in the “Activities” menu:

Next, select the “Appearance” category from the left side panel and open the “Icons” drop-down menu:

Select “Mojave-CT-Eos” icons from the displayed list:

Open up the “Legacy Applications” drop-down menu:

Select on “Mojave-dark” theme from the displayed options:

Step 8: Open Settings

After setting up icons and themes, go to system “settings” by searching it in the “Activities” menu:

Open the “Appearance” menu category, disable the “Panel mode” toggle, set icon size to “32” and the “Position on Screen” as “Bottom”:

Open the “Background” category and click on the “Add Picture” button to add any downloaded Mac OS wallpaper:

Click on the “Add picture” button to set the selected image as a wallpaper:

Now you can see we have set a Mac OS theme on our Ubuntu 22.04 system:

Let’s move to reset the Ubuntu theme.

How to reset Ubuntu 22.04 OS theme

To reset Ubuntu 22.04 OS theme, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1: Delete theme folder

Go to the “.theme” folder of the “Home” directory and open it:

Right-click on the “Mojave-dark” folder and delete it by selecting the “Move to Trash” option:

Step 2: Delete icons folder

Now open “.icons” folder of the Home directory:

Right-click on the “Mojave-CT-Eos” icon folder and select “Move to Trash” from displayed options:

Step 3: Reset Ubuntu settings

After deleting icons and themes folders, open the “Settings” by searching it in the “Activities” menu:

Select the default Ubuntu wallpaper using the “Background” category:

Go to the “Appearance” menu and select the “orange” icon color:

Now, enable the “Panel mode” toggle, set icon size to “48” and the “Position on Screen” as “left”:

As you can see, we have successfully reset the default Ubuntu 22.04 look:

We have completely elaborated the procedure to make Ubuntu OS look like Mac OS and also described the method to reset the default look of Ubuntu 22.04.


To make Ubuntu OS look like Mac OS, it is needed to download Mac OS themes and icons from Gnome’s official website. Then make new directories with the name “.theme” and “.icons” and paste downloaded themes and icons into their respective directories. Lastly, make the required changes in the Tweaks application and Ubuntu 22.04 system settings. In this post, we have discovered how to make the Ubuntu OS look like Mac OS.