Ubuntu 22.04 review

Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux distribution which is open source with a variety of pre-installed applications and it comes in three different types of versions which are for desktop, server, and core. The gamer community uses Ubuntu for playing games as well as developers use Ubuntu for the development of many applications.

Recently the Ubuntu new LTS version has been released which is known as Ubuntu 22.04 or Jammy Jellyfish with the more packages in the repository as well as with better security. This article is associated with a detailed review of the new release of the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

What is new about the Ubuntu 22.04

The Ubuntu jammy Jellyfish has released the LTS version in the mid of April which means now the users who are using the Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish can get the security and maintenance updates for the next five years.

What about the kernel of the Ubuntu 22.04

You will find the latest kernel on the Ubuntu that is 5.17, and the new version of the Ubuntu is using the rolling Hardware Enablement (HWE) kernel (linux-hwe-22.04), whereas the readers who do not know much about the HWE, HWE is based on the v5.15 kernel which means the users will enjoy the latest kernel and x window graphic support. Moreover, the Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish also contains the support for the real-time kernel, and this particular specification is very much important for the telecom industry.

What about the NVIDIA modules

If you are using the NVIDIA graphic cards then you will find the restricted modules of the NVIDIA drivers but on the latest release of the Ubuntu, you can find the NVIDIA tools and softwares with the help of which you can install the NVIDIA drivers and can enjoy the high resolution display while playing the games. If we conclude this, we can say that the Ubuntu Jammy Jelly fish comes with the support of the NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU).

What about the desktop environment

In the new release of the Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish, you will enjoy the GNOME 42 desktop environment by default, whereas, other desktop environments like KDE, and Mate can be installed on the Ubuntu. But you will feel no need to install any other desktop environment as the GNOME 14 contains a screen-lock button with the help of which you can take the screenshot, you can also easily find the password protected zip files, and the gedit is replaced with the text editor.

You can enjoy the Yaru theme on the latest release of the Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish:

What about the packages and applications of Ubuntu 22.04

The Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish also contains the latest versions of the different applications which come either pre-installed or in the default repository of the Ubuntu. Some of the packages and applications with their versions are presented to you in the tabular form:

GCC 11.2.0
PostgreSQL 14.214.2


The Ubuntu was first released in 2004, and due to its popularity many versions of the Ubuntu have been released. The recently released version of the Ubuntu is 22.04 and is also known as the Jammy Jellyfish which comes with the all the necessary softwares and updates which are required to the users. In this write-up, the new features of the Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish have been reviewed.