How to Use Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine

Virtualization tools have revolutionized the computing era as you can run multiple operating systems on a single computing machine. Inside the virtualization tools, an operating system is installed by creating a virtual machine. One virtualization tool can support as many virtual machines as you want to create. In this guide, a detailed explanation is provided to use Ubuntu on a virtual machine.

Prerequisites: Install Ubuntu

Before digging into the usage, it required that the Ubuntu must be installed in any virtualization tool, i.e., VirtualBox, VMware. You can install Ubuntu on VirtualBox by following the link of the article provided below:

How to Use Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine?

For this particular guide, VirtualBox is being used as a virtualization tool to use virtual machines. However, the process in most of the virtualization tools is the same. Let’s start:

Step 1: Open VirtualBox

Open the VirtualBox from Windows, and the following interface will appear. On the left pane, you will see the virtual machines created on this tool:

Step 2: Start the Ubuntu

Click on the Ubuntu machine and then click on the green button labeled “Start”:

The virtual box will be started, and the Ubuntu is going to be booted:

Step 3: Enter Credentials to login

When the user’s screen appears, choose the user and enter its credentials to log in to the user account:

Note: The username and the password are set at the installation time Ubuntu.

After entering the credentials, the user account is logged in and ready to use:

Now, the users can use Ubuntu to perform their required operations.

Step 4(Optional): Update the Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu for the first time after installation, it is recommended to update the core libraries of Ubuntu 22.04 to load the latest packages in the default repository. For this,  open the terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and use the command:

$ sudo apt update

That’s all! users experienced the usage of Ubuntu on a virtual machine.


A virtual machine is a widely used facility of any virtualization tool. The virtual machines are used to install multiple operating systems on Ubuntu. The Ubuntu can be used in a virtual box by making the machine and clicking on the “Start” button present in the toolbar of the Virtual Box. In this blog, the practical usage of Ubuntu is done on the Virtual Machine.