Check and Update Ubuntu Kernel Version on Ubuntu 22.04

The Linux kernel is an essential component of the Linux Operating System. It helps to connect with computer software and the hardware in the Linux operating system. It is used to manage the system’s memory and act as a bridge between the process and hardware. The latest stable version of the Ubuntu kernel is 5.18.8 while the latest developer version is 5.19.0.

It is a good practice to update the kernel version randomly to get the latest version. As it provides updated and stable functions and improved security features etc. This descriptive write-up will enlist the methods to check as well as update the Kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04.

Let’s get started:

How to Check the Ubuntu Kernel Version on Ubuntu 22.04?

It is a good choice to check the Ubuntu kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04 before updating it. You can check the Ubuntu kernel version with the help of the following methods:

Method 1: Using the uname Command

The “uname” command displays the system information. It can be used with the “-r” flag to get your current Kernel version:

$ uname -r

The installed kernel version is 5.15.0-39-generic.

Method 2: From  /proc/version File

The “/proc/version” file contains the current Linux kernel version, the version of GCC used to compile the kernel and the compile time of the Kernel. The “cat” command can be used to get the content of this file as we did here:

$ cat /proc/version

It can be seen that the installed kernel version is 5.15.0-39-generic.

Note: By default, our Ubuntu 22.04 has the Kernel version

How to Update the Ubuntu Kernel Version on Ubuntu 22.04?

After checking the installed kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04, you can update it with the help of the below-mentioned methods. Go along with the steps to update the Kernel version from the official site using Ubuntu’s terminal.

Step 1: Download the latest Linux kernel

The contains all the Kernel versions (stable and under testing). You can use the following link to update to any of your desired Kernel versions:

In our case, we are going to download the v5.19-rc4 from the following link:

In the following interface, download the .deb files of latest kernel version manually:

Note: At the time of this write-up, the 5.19-rc4 is the latest release candidate of version 5.19(which is under testing).

Or you can download these files using the “wget” command.

The Linux headers are the packages that provide the kernel headers. It is used to run the drivers and modules to support the kernel. To download Linux-headers, run the below-mentioned command:

$ wget

The Linux-image package is used to hand over the control to the Linux kernel. To download Linux-image, run the following command:

$ wget

The Linux module is a code used to extend the executing kernel. To download Linux-modules, run the following command:

$ wget

The latest kernel version files have been downloaded.

Step 2: Install the .deb files of the Ubuntu kernel

Navigate to the Downloads directory where the files are downloaded and use the ls command to verify the availability of the files:

$ cd Downloads

The files have been downloaded in the Downloads directory.

It is observed that there are only three Debian packages in our Downloads directory. Therefore, we have used the wild-card (“*”) in the following dpkg command to install all these Debian packages.

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

The Ubuntu kernel version has been installed successfully.

Step 3: Reboot the system

Although the Kernel packages have been installed, the system will not update the Kernel version until you restart it. Therefore, reboot your system using the provided command below:

$ sudo reboot

Enter the Password to reboot the system.

Step 4: Verify the version

To check the installed Kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04, execute the provided command below:

$ uname -r

It is verified that the installed version of the Ubuntu kernel is 5.19.0 (release candidate 4 (rc4)).

Bonus Tip: How to Fall Back to the Default Linux Kernel Version on Ubuntu 22.04?

You can fall back to the default Ubuntu kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04 using the Grub Menu. To do so, obey the below-mentioned procedure:

Step 1: Open the Grub Menu

To open the Grub Menu, reboot the system and hold the “Shift” key.

Grub Menu is now open.

Step 2: Select the Advanced options for Ubuntu

In the Grub Menu, choose the “Advance option for Ubuntu” using the arrow keys:

Step 3: Select the Linux Generic version

Select the Linux generic kernel version using the arrow key:

And press the “Enter” key.

You will fall back to the default Ubuntu kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04 successfully.

Here you go! You have successfully learned the different methods to check and update the Ubuntu kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04.


The Ubuntu kernel version can be checked using the “uname -r” and “cat /proc/version” commands. To update Kernel on Ubuntu 22.04, the Debian package files of the Kernel are downloaded from the official website and then install them using the “dpkg” command. In this guide, we have demonstrated various methods to check and update the Linux kernel on Ubuntu 22.04.