Install OpenOffice in Ubuntu 22.04

OpenOffice is a simple and easy-to-access office suite. It is freely available for educational, governmental, and commercial purposes. OpenOffice also works with other important office tools. It gives many built-in features such as a word processor, drawing software, math programs, multimedia presentations, and a database. It is consistent with both Linux-based and Windows systems including Ubuntu 22.04.

In this write-up, we will elaborate on how to install, launch, and uninstall OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04.


Follow the below-given steps to fulfill some required changes before OpenOffice installation.

Step 1: Remove LibreOffice

First of all, remove LibreOffice from Ubuntu 22.04:

$ sudo apt remove --purge libreoffice*

After removing LibreOffice execute the “apt clean” command to handle broken packages:

$ sudo apt clean

Then execute “autoremove” to remove all other dependencies related to LibreOffice:

$ sudo apt autoremove

Step 2: Update APT packages

Update APT cache repository using the below-given command:

$ sudo apt update

Step 3: Install JDK package

Install JDK to enable runtime JAVA Environment:

$ sudo apt install openjdk-11-jre

At this point, we have fulfilled all the necessary requirements. Now, let’s move towards OpenOffice installation.

How to Install OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04

To install OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04, follow the below-given steps carefully.

Step 1: Download the OpenOffice setup file

First navigate to the OpenOffice official website, select “Linux 64-bit(x86-64)” from the drop menu and click on the “Download full installation” button:

As you can see setup file is downloaded completely, and saved in “Downloads” folder:

Step 2: Move to Downloads directory

Open the “Downloads” directory with the help of “cd” command:

$ cd Downloads

Run the “ls” command to verify that the setup file exists in the “Downloads” directory:

$ ls

As you can see the OpenOffice setup file is successfully placed in Download directory:

Step 3: Unzip setup file

In the next step, unzip the setup file via below-mentioned command:

$ tar -zxvf Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.12_Linux_x86-64_install-deb_en-US.tar.gz

Step 4: Move to “en-US/DEBS/” directory

Let’s move to “en-US/DEBS/” directory where .deb packages for OpenOffice installation are placed:

$ cd en-US/DEBS/

Step 5: Install OpenOffice .deb package

Install “.deb” package for OpenOffice installation with the help of the provided command:

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Step 6: Move to desktop folder

Now move to “desktop-integration” folder using “cd” command:

$ cd desktop-integration

Then, install “.deb” package inside the desktop-integration folder:

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

After installing OpenOffice, your application is all ready to launch on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to launch OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04

To launch OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04, run the following script on the terminal:

$ openoffice4

Upon doing so the “Welcome to OpenOffice 4.1.12” wizard will appear on the screen. Click on the “Next” button:

Set “First name”, “Last name”, “Initials”, and click on the “Finish” button:

As you can see, we have successfully launched OpenOffice which is ready to use:

Now, let’s check the method of OpenOffice uninstallation on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Uninstall OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04

To uninstall OpenOffice completely from Ubuntu 22.04, run the given script in the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get remove --purge openoffice4* -y

That’s it! You have learned all the essential steps for installation, launching, and uninstalling OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04.


To install OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04, first, it is required to remove LibreOffice and install the Java Runtime Environment. Then from OpenOffice’s official_site, download the setup file and extract it into the Downloads directory. In the next step move to the “en-US/DEBS/” directory and install the “.deb” package for OpenOffice installation. Hence, this post discussed all the fundamental steps used for the installation, launch, and uninstallation of OpenOffice on Ubuntu 22.04.