Comments in Google Docs | Add, Edit, Delete, Resolve

Google Docs is a very useful application for reviewing any document, which provides the feature to add comments on a specific document. When multiple users are working on the same document, then one user can add a comment to notify something to other contributors. When the specific comment is addressed by the concerned user, that comment is marked resolved. Similarly, the comments can be edited or removed as well. This post provides a detailed guide to adding, editing, deleting, and resolving a comment in Google Docs.

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Let’s start this guide.

Add a Comment in Google Docs

A comment is added to a specific text, paragraph, image, or anything written in a Google Doc. In this section, multiple ways have been described that guide how to add a comment in Google Docs. Let’s experience them one by one:

Method 1: Using ToolBar

Select the text or an image to “Add” comment and click on the “Add comment” option available on the top right side of the ToolBar:

A comment pop-up will appear on the right side where the user can write the comment. Once the comment is written, click on “Comment” or press the key “CTRL+Enter” to add that comment:

After performing the above steps, the line will be commented on:

Method 2: Using Right Click Mouse Button

Select the text, and right click on it, then click on the “Comment” option as guided below:

This will show a pop-up to add a comment line:

Doing so, the specific comment will be added, and the part on which the comment is added will be highlighted:

Method 3: Using MenuBar (Insert option)

MenuBar, located on the top of the document, can also be used to add a comment in Google Docs. Select the content to add and then navigate to the “Insert” option. A dropdown will appear where you need to click on the “Comment” option, as shown below:

Method 4: Using the Shortcut Key

Users can also add comments on the selected text or image by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+M” from the keyboard. Select the text or portion that you want to comment on and then press the “CTRL+ALT+M” key. The comment pop-up will appear as shown in the below GIF:

Write the comment and then click on the “Comment” button to add the comment; the comment line will be highlighted:

These were all the methods to add comments in Google Docs.

Edit a Comment in Google Docs

Users can edit any comments if more changes are required in the comment. Click on the comment box, which will be shown on the top right of the document:

Then click on the three dots for more options and then hit on the “Edit” button:

Now, update the comment and click on the “Save” button as mentioned below:

The comment is updated, as you can see in the image below:

Delete a Comment in Google Docs

Users can delete comments in Google Docs by following the simple steps. Click on the comment box and press 3 dots to present multiple options. After that, hit on the “Delete” button:

Now, Google Docs confirms whether you want to delete it or not. Click on the delete option to delete the comment:

Now the comment will be deleted from the selected text.

Resolve a Comment in Google Docs?

Users can Resolve the comments to hide them from the main page and move on to the next comments. Click on the comment box and click on the “resolve” option (shown as a tick mark) as described below:

The comment will be marked as resolved in the comments history (comment history can be checked using the “CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+A”).

Bonus Tip: Reply to a Comment in Google Docs

To reply to the comments in Google docs, click on the comment box, and there will be a reply field exactly below the side of the comment:

Type what you want to reply to and click on “Reply”:

The comment is replied with the answer:

That’s all from this guide!


Users can “Add” comments by using “ToolBar ”, “MenuBar”, or the shortcut key “Ctrl+Alt+M”. Moreover, users can “Edit”, ”Delete”, and “Resolve” the comments by following the above methods explained with examples. Apart from these methods, this guide also serves as a method to reply to a comment in Google Docs. This Google Docs post provides a detailed guide to add, remove, edit, or reply to comments.