How to Delete All Messages on Discord

Discord is a social media platform that is widely used by the gamers’ community specifically, for communication and live-streaming. It has built-in features of video calling, voice calling, and chatting as well. Discord users can chat via text messages in private chats with friends or in shared text channels within servers.

How to Delete All Messages on Discord

Discord has advanced messaging features that allow its users to share pictures, videos, stickers, emojis, etc. The user can opt to chat in a private chat box with one friend and in text channels within servers with a whole group or community. Sharing thoughts and memories is fun, but sometimes it is needed to clear up the chat boxes to sort out the space and get rid of extra messages. On Discord it is not possible to clear the whole chat within a private chat with just one click, rather you have to click on each message to delete the message from the three dots. But there are still some ways available to delete all messages on Discord text channels by using Discord bots and duplicating channels.

Method 1: Use MEE6 Bot

Discord bots are artificial intelligent systems designed for Discord servers that can be used by its users to automate the tasks that have to be performed by humans manually. Multiple bots can be used for deleting all messages on Discord such as the MEE6 bot, Dyno bot, clear chatbot, and so on. We have included the most common and easy-to-use MEE6 bot in our article to delete all messages on Discord.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the MEE6 Bot on Discord to delete all messages from the channel:

Step 1: Open the MEE6 Website

Go to the MEE6 website. Click on Add to Discord to add the bot to your discord:

Step 2: Log in with the Browser

A new window will appear to log in the Discord on the web. Enter your account’s login credentials and hit Log In:

Step 3: Authorize the Bot

After logging in, a window appears to ask for the grant of permission for the logged-in Discord account to be accessed by the bot. After reading the conditions, click on Authorize to grant permission:

Step 4: Choose Server

Select the server from your account in which you want to add this bot. Click on Setup in front of the name of your desired server:

Step 5: Confirm Server

A new confirmation window appears to double-check the server name and permissions. Recheck your server name under the ADD TO SERVER menu. If it is not as per your choice then click on the downward arrow to choose again from the list of servers your account has, otherwise just hit Continue:

Step 6: Grant Permissions Within the Server

You have now authorized the MEE6 bot to access the ‘MyFriends’ server. A new permissions window appears to ask for the grant of access to a bot within the server. Read the screen and hit Authorize to grant the permissions: 

Step 7: Verify Your Human Identity

Check the box for the captcha and follow the onscreen instructions to prove your human identity:

Step 8: Enable Moderator

From the home page of the MEE6 Bot, scroll down to find the Moderator and click on Enable

Step 9: Activate Moderator

Before enabling, another window appears to ask for the grant of permission. Click on Activate Moderator, this will enable this bot as a moderator in the server:

Step 10: Preview Moderator Settings

The Moderator window appears with an Active/ON banner which indicates that this bot is enabled as a Moderator for the selected server:

Step 11:  Launch Discord

Press Win+S to launch the start menu and type Discord. Click on Open to launch the Discord app:

Step 12: Open the Selected Server

Open the server that was selected for the MEE6 bot. I have chosen the MyFriends server, so I have opened it as shown in the image below. Go to the Show Member List from the top right corner of the opened window as highlighted below, you can see the MEE6 Bot is a member of the server: 

Step 13: Type Command to Clear Chat

Open the chat box and type !clear 9. Here 9 means nine messages, this will clear the recent 9 messages from the server. You can also choose to delete a different number of messages, but it is mandatory to add space before typing the number of messages that you want to delete: 

After executing this command, the Bot deletes the 9 messages and shows a message that it has deleted the 9 messages:

Alternate Commands To Delete Multiple Messages Using MEE6 Bot

The alternate command for deleting messages on Discord using MEE6 Bot is /clear, when you type this command, two suggestions will pop up in the window:

  1. Choose the amount and type the number of messages you want to delete. It will clear the mentioned number of recent messages from the channel.
  2. Choose a member and type the name of the member whose messages you want to clear. It will clear all the messages of that member.

You can also choose the name of the member and the number of messages. This will delete the specific number of messages sent from the mentioned member instead of the whole chat:

Type /clear, pick the amount, and enter the number. For example, /clear amount 2 will delete the recent two messages:

Messages have been deleted:

Type /clear@member in my case I chose /clear@Linux Foss, and to clear all the messages from Linux Foss:

Messages sent by Linux Foss has been deleted:

Type /clear choose a member and enter a name, and then choose an amount and type a number, to delete the specific number of messages from that user:

Messages have been deleted:

Note: In this scenario, it will delete one message more than the mentioned number as it counts the index of the first message as 0, for example, if you enter 2 it will delete three messages and for 4 it will delete 5 messages, and so on.

Method 2: Duplicate Your Channel

Duplicating your channel creates a clone of it. It will delete all the messages of the channel but import all the members and settings from the parent channel.

Here is a complete guide to duplicating a channel for deleting all messages:

Step 1: Open Text Channel

Open the text channel within the server that you want to clone, let’s call this channel a parent channel. Right-click on the name of the channel and click Duplicate Channel:

Step 2: Enter the Name of Your Duplicate Channel

Enter the name of your duplicate channel. I have just added a ‘d’ to make it obvious that it is a duplicated channel and hit Create Channel:

Step 3: Preview Duplicated Channel

Open up the duplicated channel and preview its members and other permissions etc. You will get to see all of these are just the same as they were in the parent channel, only messages are deleted:

Step 4: Delete the Parent Channel

Go to the channel that was duplicated. Right-click on it and choose Delete Channel from the drop-down menu:

Step 5: Confirm Deletion

Hit Delete Channel to confirm the deletion of the channel:

Check the list of text channels, you will see the parent channel is deleted, and the duplicated channel is available as highlighted in the image below:


To delete all the messages on Discord use a Discord bot MEE6, add this bot to the server of your choice. Open up the chat box, and type /clear commands with the name of the member whose messages you want to delete and the number of messages to delete as well. A simple command !clear can be used with a specific number to delete recent messages of a desired range without specifying the member. Another way is to duplicate the channel and delete the parent channel. The duplicate channel has all the features and members from the parent channel with clear chat.