Discord Server Boosting: Levels and Features

In Discord, servers are the places where people communicate with members under one roof. It offers fantastic features like live streaming, text, and voice chat. But you may have seen some additional features like special emojis, animated server icons, smooth live streaming, and others that come with server boosting.

This write-up will demonstrate the purpose of server boosting and its different levels in Discord.

What Does Boosting a Discord Server Do?

Server boosting is a paid subscription that enables the user to unlock the special perks of Nitro. It provides additional and advanced features apart from a normal Discord server. There are a particular number of boosts that are required to unlock multiple features, categorized in levels.

What are the Different Levels of Server Boost?

There are total of three levels of server boosting and each of the three levels is described below along with their features.

Level 1 Server Boost

The first level of the server requires 2 server boosts and it unlocks the features described in the table.

100 Emojis Slots9.98$/month
24 Soundboard Slots
15 Custom Sticker Slots
Animated Server Icon 
Better Audio Quality (128KBS)
Custom Server Invite Background
High-Quality Streaming (720p, 60fps)

Level 2 Server Boost

The second level of the server needs 7 server boosts and unlocks the additional features that are given below:

HD Streaming (1080p, 60fps)74.85$/month
50mb File Uploads
Custom Role Icon
Server Banner
12 Soundboard with the addition of 24 from level 1 
50 mb Quality Limit For Every Member
More Better Audio Quality (256KBS) 
30 Custom Stickers Slots
150 Emoji Slots

Level 3 Server Boost

An extreme level of server boost is level 3 which needs 14 server boosts and unlocks the following features:

250 Emoji Slots149.70$/month
60 Custom Sticker Slots
48 Soundboard Slots 
Extreme Quality of Audio (384KBS)
Custom Invite Link
100mb Upload Limit 
Animated Server Icon

That’s it for server boosting.


Server boosting is the paid subscription to Discord that unlocks special perks of Discord Nitro that require a particular number of boosts. It is categorized into three levels. Level 1 requires 2 boosts with the cost of “9.98$/month”. Level 2 requires 7 server boosts with a cost of “74.85$/month”. Level 3 need 14 boosts with a cost of “149.70$/month”. Features vary according to the levels described in the given guide.