How to Use Xenon Discord Bot?

In Discord, bots are third-party tools that are useful for controlling server tasks. Servers are just like groups where people having similar interests are connected under one roof. Xenon is the type of Discord bot that is beneficial for creating backups such as chat, settings, roles, and channels. The user can create, update, delete the created backup of the Discord server, and also can set the time interval for creating the backup automatically. 

This blog will elaborate on the Xenon Discord bot through the following outlines:

Prerequisite: Add Xenon Bot

Before using the Xenon bot, let’s look at the adding method of the Xenon bot to the Discord server.

Step 1: Invite Xenon

Launch browser and visit the Xenon bot’s site. Then, click on the “Invite” button to invite the Discord bot:

Step 2: Server Selection

Afterward, pick the preferred server from the drop-down list and hit “Continue”:

Step 3: Grant Permissions

Grant the required rights for the Xenon Discord bot, click on the “Authorize” button, and proceed:

Step 4: Validate Captcha

Mark and validate the captcha to add the bot and proceed:

By doing the above steps, the Xenon bot will be added to the server.

Step 5: Verification

To verify that the Xenon bot is added to the server, launch Discord, approach the desired server, and check the accessibility of the bot in the member list:

How to Use Xenon Discord Bot?

Let’s use the Xenon bot in the following steps and see how the user creates the backup of Discord using the Xenon Discord bot.

Step 1: Enter Backup Command

Go to the particular server of Discord from the side panel, type the following backup command, and choose the “Interval” option as highlighted:


Step 2: Set Backup Interval

Now, enter the backup interval time in hours, days, weeks, or months. Then, press the Enter key:

In our case, we have chosen the “7 days” option.

Step 3: Check Output

Upon doing so, the backup is set and will be created after every 7 days as shown:

Commands For Xenon Discord Bot

Following are the detailed list of the Xenon bot command along with the description of each:

/backup createCreate the backup of Discord.
/backup loadLoad the last created backup.
/backup deleteDelete the last created backup.
/backup listProvide the list of all created backups.
/backup interval [on/off]Turn on/off the interval time for backup.
/backup cancelCancel the recently created backup.
/backup statusShow the status of the loading backup.
/backup purgeDelete all lists of created backups.
/copyTransfer the server by copying it.
/errorDisplay the command execution error details.
/leaveAllow the bot to leave the server.
/inviteFor inviting the bot to the server.
/audit logsProvide the list of actions that are recently taken.

Bonus Tip: How to Remove Xenon?

To remove the Xenon Discord bot, from the server accomplish the following information.

Step 1: Right-click Xenon

Go to the targeted server and press the right-click on the Xenon bot available in the member list:

Step 2: Kick Xenon

From the opened context menu, hit the “Kick Xenon” option to continue:

Step 3: Enter Reason

Enter the reason for removing the Xenon bot in the given prompt and click on the “Kick” button:

By doing the above operations, the Xenon bot will be removed. You have learned all usage of the Xenon Discord bot.


To use the Xenon Discord bot, invite it from the official site, select the desired server and give the required privileges to add the bot. After that, launch Discord and go to the server and use the Xenon bot. For instance, we have used the “/backup” command to create a server backup. This blog has enlightened the method to use the Xenon bot on Discord.