How to Add and Use Invite Tracker Bot on Discord?

Bots in Discord are an additional feature that reduces human effort and automates server tasks. Invite Tracker is the Discord bot that tracks people’s invites and messages. It also provides other features like giveaways and an advanced verification system to kick/welcome server members. Another interesting feature of this bot is that it also keeps a record of the person who invites someone to the server.

In this write-up, we will discuss the method for adding and using the Invite Tracker Discord bot.

How to Add the Invite Tracker Bot?

To add the Invite Tracker bot to the server, see the following step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Add Invite Tracker

Launch your favorite browser, and navigate to the Invite Tracker bot’s official site here. Then, click on the “Start tracking invites!” button:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord

Log in to the Discord account in case of not logged in.

Step 2: Pick Server

Afterward, pick the respective server from the drop-down list and press the “Continue” button:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord1

Step 3: Allow Permissions

Grant the required privileges for the Invite Tracker bot and hit the “Authorize” button:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord2

Step 4: Authorization

Mark and verify the respective captcha for the authorization of the bot:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord3

The Invite Tracker bot will be added to the server.

Step 5: Verify the Results

To verify that the Invite Tracker bot is added to the server, launch the Discord application, and open the targeted server. Then, confirm the accessibility of the bot:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord4

We have successfully added the Invite Tracker bot.

How to Use the Invite Tracker Bot?

Let’s move toward the usage of the Invite Tracker bot. To display detailed information about the Invite Tracker bot, have a speedy look at the 2-step guide.

Step 1: Enter Command

Launch the Discord, go to the server, enter the following command, and hit the enter button:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord5

Step 2: Check Results 

Once you enter the above command, the bot information will be displayed as shown:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord6

Commands For the Invite Tracker Bot

Below is the list of commands for using the Invite Tracker bot described in the following table.

/aboutShows the information of the Invite Tracker bot.
/roleinfo <@role>Shows information about the particular role.
/userinfo <@user>Shows detailed information about the specified user.
/serverinfoShows the information about the server.
/pingShows the ping/latency of the bot.
/invitecodes <@user>Shows all invite codes for the specified user.
/inviter <@user>Shows who invited the particular member.
/invitedlist <@user|role
|invite code
Shows invites count for the specified member.
/message <@user>Display the total messages that the specified user sent.

Navigate to this link for a detailed explanation and list of the Invite Tracker bot’s commands.

Bonus Tip: How to Kick Invite Tracker Bot?

For removing the Invite Tracker bot from the server, follow the below necessary steps.

Step 1: Right-click on Invite Tracker

Go to the particular server on Discord and press right-click on the Invite Tracker bot from the member list:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord7

Step 2: Kick Invite Tracker

Click on the “Kick Invite Tracker” button from the opened drop-down menu and proceed:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord8

Step 3: Enter Reason

Specify the reason for removing the Invite Tracker and hit the “Kick” button:

Invite Tracker Bot on Discord9

By doing the above operations, the Invite Tracker bot will be removed.


For adding the Invite Tracker bot in Discord, visit the official site and hit the “Start tracking invites!”. Mark the selection of the preferred server and grant the required privileges for the bot. Confirm the human identity by marking the captcha. This write-up has covered all aspects of the addition and utilization of the Invite Tracker bot.