How to Add Nick Bot Discord Bot?

Bots are a tremendous feature of Discord that helps to manage the server activities in automatic behavior. There are many types of bots available on the internet that are added based on the user’s desire and interest. Nick Bot is the bot that facilitates the user to control nickname requests and automate actions. Moderators of the servers receive these requests and make the decision to approve/decline. 

In this write-up, we will teach the user to add the Nick Bot Discord bot to the server.

  1. How to Add Nick Bot Discord Bot?
  2. How to Set Nick Name in Discord?

How to Add Nick Bot Discord Bot?

To add the Nick Bot Discord bot to the server, have a look at the provided guidelines.

Step 1: Invite Nick Bot

Launch the browser, go to the “” website, and hit the “Invite” button to invite Nick Bot to the server:

Log in to the Discord account if required.

Step 2: Select Server

Afterward, make a server selection from the drop-down and click on the “Continue” button:

In our case, the “its Linux FOSS” server is selected.

Step 3: Allow Privileges

Grant the required permission by selecting/deselecting the checkboxes and pressing the “Authorize” button:

Step 4: Mark Captcha

Check the appeared captcha for human verification:

Upon doing so, the Nick Bot will be added to the chosen server.

Step 5: Verification

Next, launch the Discord app, navigate to the server. Open the server’s member list and verify the Nick bot presence:

From the above image, it is clear that the Nick Bot is added to the server. 

How to Set Nick Name in Discord Using Nick Bot?

To set the nickname in the Discord server, implement the following steps.

Step 1: Enter Command

Go to the server on Discord, type the given command, and select the “new-nick” option as highlighted: 


Step 2: Set Nick Name

Enter the nickname in the given section and hit the enter button:

Step 3: Check Results

The provided nickname (ILF) has been set and can be verified below:

We have provided detailed information about the Nick Bot Discord bot.


To add the Nick Bot to server, visit the “” website and press the “Invite” to invite the bot to server. Next, choose the server where you are required to add bot, allow essential rights to bot and authorize it by hitting “Authorize” button. This post has enlightened the procedure to add the Nick Bot Discord bot.