How to enable screen sharing on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Screen sharing is the method by which you can share the screen of one device with the other machine through the internet in the form of small encoded packets. The only condition to share the screen is to have the IP address of other machine.

When you share the screen, you can manage different tasks on the other machine, the machine from which you are accessing the other machine is known as the host machine, and the machine which is been accessed is known as the client machine.

In this blog, the method of enabling and using the screen share feature is explained in detail for Ubuntu 22.04.

How to enable screen sharing on Ubuntu 22.04

In Ubuntu, we have to follow the three steps process:

  • install the Vino VNC server(available in the default repository of Ubuntu),
  • enable the feature of screen sharing,
  • install the Remmina.

By just following these three simple steps, you would be able to connect to other machines through the screen sharing feature.

Step 1: Install the Vino VNC server on Ubuntu 22.04

We will first install the Vino VNC server from the default repository of Ubuntu using the apt package manager with the command:

$ sudo apt install vino -y

After installing the Vino VNC server, we will enable the screen sharing feature.

Step 2: Enable the screen sharing feature on Ubuntu 22.04

For enabling the screen sharing feature, go to the “Sharing” tab in the“Settings”, and turn on the toggle button:

When the button is turned on, you will be able to make changes to the “Remote Desktop”:

Enable the setting on according to your choice by enabling the toggle buttons:

In the above screen the explanation of the items are:

  • Remote Desktop: Turn on this option to connect the machine remotely with some other machine.
  • Enable Legacy VNC Protocol: It will ask you to set connection type for new connections.
  • How to Connect: This section displays the machine name, Remote Desktop Address, and VNC address to connect with the machine through the VNC network.

While setting connection type, choose appropriate option in Enable Legacy VNC Protocol; either they will ask permission for access or just require the password:

Scroll down the menu to set the password and username so that when the client machine tries to connect with your machine, it can authenticate using the password and user name:

If you want to share the media such as videos and pictures, then toggle the button on of media sharing:

Now, you can share the media as well from the client machine to host machine:

Step 3: Launch the Remmina on Ubuntu 22.04

Once screen sharing is enabled on Ubuntu, enable the “Remmina” by searching it from the Application’s search bar:

A Remmina home screen will be opened:

Choose the connection type to “VNC”, type the IP Address of the machine, and press the “ENTER” key:

It will ask for your client’s machine password and connect to the machine:

NOTE: Remmina is installed by default on Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish, but in case you are unable to find it in the installed applications, then you can use the following command to install it:

$ sudo apt install remmina -y

This is how simply you can enable and start screen sharing feature on Ubuntu 22.04 system.


Screen sharing is the feature of Virtual Network Connections that is used to access the machine remotely from some other machine and manage different operations on the client machine using the host machine. In this write-up, we explored a method by which we can enable screen sharing on Ubuntu to manage the client machine as well as to share media files.