How to Enable & Use Text-to-Speech on Discord

Want to surprise every Discord server member by making your text read loudly? There is a feature named text-to-speech introduced by Discord with several controls for generating voice through the text form.

So, let’s learn how you can enable and use the Text-to-Speech feature of Discord to amplify your messages.

What is Discord Text-to-Speech Feature

Discord’s Text-to-Speech feature allows users to read sent messages aloud in the text channels. Only the members who are currently viewing the channel where the Text-to-Speech message is delivered can hear it. This feature is helpful for those users who like to listen instead of reading or have difficulties in seeing text.

How to Enable Text-to-Speech on Discord

To activate the Text-to-Speech feature on Discord, navigate to User Settings located in the bottom left along the front of the name. 

Find and select the notification from the left panel and scroll to the Text-to-Speech notifications section. In that section, you will get these options:

  • For all channels: This will enable the Text-to-Speech in every channel for you.
  • For current selected channel: This will only enable Text-to-Speech in the only channel where you are specifically active at that moment.
  • Never: This will turn off Text-to-Speech in every text channel.

Choose the one option according to your preference, excluding never. By doing so, you will be able to hear the message along with the user’s name.

How to Use Text-to-Speech on Discord

To use Text-to-Speech, there is a built-in command provided by Discord which can be used in the given pattern:

/tts <message>

As an example, execute:

/tts ItsLinuxFOSS is a best tutorials Website

At the instant when the message just dropped into the channel, you and other active members will hear it aloud. 

Note: Users whose Text-to-Speech notification is set to never, will not be able to listen to the message.


Currently, the Text-to-Speech feature is not able to perform the following actions:

  • By default, there is only a male voice which cannot be changed.
  • Supports only one accent.
  • There is no language translation option available.

However, these limits can be broken using the different Discord bots. Let’s explore where to find and how to utilize such bots to get more from the Text-to-Speech feature.

How to Get More From Text-to-Speech Using Discord TTS Bot!

In the same way, Discord TTS Bot! is responsible for converting text to human-generated voice language. However, it is far better than Discord’s built-in Text-to-Speech as it provides multiple options, such as different voices and translation features. So, let’s add and use TTS Bot! by following the next section.

How to Add TTS Bot! in Discord

To open the Discord app directory, get into a server for which you have administrative rights and access its configuration menu from the top left using the dropdown. In the next step, click on the App Directory option.

Once the app directory opens up, type text to speech in the search box and select the TTS Bot!

Once the TTS Bot! page opens, all you have to do is click on the Add to Server button to get started with the integration wizard.

Next, select the server of your choice using the dropdown and click the continue button. 

Now, grant the permissions to TTS Bot! by pressing the Authorize button as they are essential for this bot to function properly within the server.

A captcha might appear for verification, simply follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the checkbox.

Finally, a success message appears on the screen which indicates that the TTS Bot! has just been added to the server.

How to Use Discord TTS Bot!

For the usability of Discord TTS Bot!, getting an understanding of its commands is a must. Let’s follow the given table describing only major TTS Bot! commands along with their purpose.

/ttsGenerate text to voice in a specified channel only.
/set modeChange the voice mode (Male or Female).
/set voiceChange the voice accent.
/set speaking_rateSet how fast or slow the text will be read.
/set translation (require premium)Translate any message to a specific language.
/settingsAccess/Change the current bot setting.

These basic commands are enough to provide you leverage over the Discord default Text-to-speech feature. Additionally, compile the command /help to get the most out of it. For now, let’s implement one of the above-stated commands to verify the working of the TTS Bot!

Here, run the /set mode command and select a desired voice version from the options.

/set mode <choose voice>

You can confirm from the TTS Bot message that the voice mode has been changed.

Now, utilize the /tts command and give it a message to convert it to the specified mode. After that, click on the play button to listen to the message or click the download option to store the generated message in device storage.

Give Your Messages a Voice With Discord Text-to-Speech

Discord needs hours when it comes to exploring its all features. Make sure you do not miss out on any worthy feature that can make your interaction easy and save you time, such as the Discord Text-to-Speech feature. It is a great built-in tool that can assist you in reading different or specific channel messages loudly.