How to install Sweet Home 3D application in Ubuntu 20.04

Sweet Home 3D is a free and open-source interior design program that allows you to sketch house designs and arrange furniture on a 2D floor plan with a 3D preview, giving you a realistic representation of your arrangement. This software is for those who wish to rapidly design their interior, whether relocating or redecorate their current house. A variety of visual guidelines are available to assist you in drawing a floor plan and arranging furniture in your house. You may sketch the walls of your rooms on an existing plan’s picture, then drag and drop furnishings from a catalog grouped by categories onto the design.

How to install Sweet Home 3D on Ubuntu 20.04

There are three main methods to install the sweet home 3d application, which are mentioned below, and we will discuss them in detail:

  1. Using the Ubuntu software application
  2. Using the Apt package
  3. Using the snap package

How to install Sweet Home 3D application using the Ubuntu software center

This method is relatively easy compared to the other two methods; we want to discuss it first for simplicity. So in this method, all you need to do is open the ubuntu software center, write sweet home 3d and then install it as mentioned below.

In the above image, you can see that there are two packages; you can install any of them as the application is the same, but the package resource file will be different. Here, .deb represents the Debian file which can be executed using the advanced packaging tool (apt) file manager that depends on the distribution repositories. While on the other hand, snap is another package manager that allows the users to distribute their programs directly to consumers, which means that everything is inside the package and is not dependent on the repositories. The tool used to manage the snap files is called snapd.

After the installation, you can use this application by clicking on the applications tab as mentioned below.

You need to click on the application to open it, ts GUI will look like the image demonstrated below:

As you can see, the program is without any problem, and there are several options accessible on the left side of the highlighted section. You are free to use and employ them as you see fit.

How to install Sweet Home 3D application Using the apt package manager

Sweet Home 3D can also be installed via terminal, for that, launch terminal and use the command mentioned below:

$ sudo apt install sweethome 3d

How to install Sweet Home 3D application using snap manager

For using the snap manager, you will again need the terminal. So, open the terminal and write the following command mentioned below:

$ sudo snap install sweethome3d-homedesign

How to remove the Sweet Home 3D application in Ubuntu 20.04

Similar to the installation process, there are also three different ways to delete this application as well which are as follows:

  1. Deleting using the Ubuntu application manager
  2. Deleting using the apt manager
  3. Deleting using the snap manager

How to delete Sweet Home 3D using the Ubuntu application manager

If you have installed this software using the Ubuntu application manager then, you can delete it by selecting the installed tab in the application manager. After that, you might need to scroll down to find this application and later click on it, where a remove option will appear on the right side, as shown below, click on it to erase the app:

How to delete Sweet Home 3D using the apt manager

If the application is installed through apt then you can delete this application by writing the command mentioned below:

$ sudo apt remove sweethome3d

How to delete Sweet Home 3D using the snap manager

You can also delete this application using the following command in the terminal window:

$ sudo snap remove sweethome3d-homedesign

Key Points

You should keep in mind; otherwise, you may find some difficulties following the above instructions.

  1. If you used the “apt” package to install this application, you can only launch it by typing “sweethome3d” in the terminal. On the other side, if you installed this with the “snap” package, you may run it with the “sweethome3d-homedesign” package.
  2. Similarly, you can only delete this application by typing sudo apt remove sweethome3d in the terminal if you have installed it using the “apt”, and if you have installed using the “snap” package, then you can only delete it by typing sudo snap removewith package name.


Sweet Home 3d is ideal for anyone who wants to design homes. You may also renovate your already constructed home to give it a new look with the endless possibilities this tool will provide you. In this write-up, we focussed on how to install Sweet Home 3D using various methods in Linux. It does not cost a single penny, so if you are into home renovation and designing, then get this app immediately.