How to install VLC media player on Ubuntu 20.10

VLC is a popular and widely used media player available for various Linux distributions. There are various approaches to install VLC on Ubuntu. The VLC media player is accessible for free. There are no ads and other charges. It is one of those applications that you must keep in your system since it supports numerous file formats.

The VLC media player on your Ubuntu devices can be downloaded using two main methods. The first and the swift approach is to get it downloaded from the Ubuntu app store. And the second method is for terminal users through commands.

Installing VLC using Ubuntu Software App:

This method is the most convenient method to download “VLC media player”. Open the “Ubuntu Software” application, you will see the following window:

Now click on the “Magnifying glass” icon to search the VLC player. Click on “VLC” and open the menu.

Now click on the green “Install” button. A window will appear and asks for the password:

You can note the installation progress underneath the VLC icon:

It will take a few moments to install, and after installation, the green install button will turn into the red “Remove” button, and it indicates that the application has been installed. Its time to check it in the apps menu:

Click it and open the VLC application. You will be prompted for network and metadata access click “Continue”.

Making VLC media player as default media player:

Ubuntu’s default media player plays both audio and video file. If you want to set VLC as the default media player, the process is simple and easy.

Open settings by right-clicking on the desktop:

Scroll down and go to the “Default Applications” option.

Click on the video and select “VLC media player” from the menu as shown in the following image:

You can make “VLC media player” default for audio files as well:

Uninstalling the VLC:

The uninstalling process of the “VLC media player” is the reverse of the installation process. Open the “Ubuntu Software” app and search “VLC”, you will notice “Installed” text opposite of it, click and open it:

And now click on the “Remove” button, “VLC media player” will be uninstalled from your system:

Installing VLC using Terminal:

The second method of installing “VLC media player” is as uncomplicated as the method discussed above. “VLC media player” can also be installed using terminal and “Snap”. First, we will make sure that it is available on “Snap”, try searching it using the command:

$ sudo snap search vlc 

If it is available, then type the command given below and let is install:

$ sudo snap install vlc

VLC will be installed after some time.

To uninstall “VLC” got from “Snap”, use:

$ sudo snap remove vlc

The third method of installing “VLC’ is also from the terminal but using “APT” aka “Advanced Package Tool”. Like other methods, this method is also unfussy. The first search it using:

$ apt-cache search vlc

The above command can also be used to find any package. Use the command given below to install it:

$ sudo apt install vlc

If it gives an error that “Package not found”, then try adding “universe” repository.

$ sudo add-apt-repository universe

To uninstall “VLC media player” downloaded from “APT” use:

$ sudo apt remove vlc


VLC is a popular music player available for Ubuntu 20.04. it can be installed on Ubuntu 20.04 from the Ubuntu Software Manager and snap application manager.