How to Install and Use HardInfo on Ubuntu 20.04 to check hardware information

In Linux, there are many ways to assess hardware information about your system, and the vast majority of them are based on command-line. If you prefer a graphical application as a desktop Linux user, let me tell you about a utility/tool that you can utilize for getting the information related to your system hardware.

Hard info is the name of the program which stands for hardware information. Hard Info is a Linux-based benchmark and system profiler. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) tool that shows hardware and some other software information.

Installing and using HardInfo on Ubuntu 20.04:

Hard Info exists in the repositories of most Linux distributions. If you prefer to use the command line to install applications, Write-out the following commands to allow the universe repository and then install Hardinfo but first update the packages list.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo add-apt-repository universe 
$ sudo apt install hardinfo

Now on Linux, you can use Hardinfo to get hardware information. You can run the Hard Info application by searching for it in the activities after it has been installed.

You should see different parameters in the left sidebar once you open HardInfo, and if you choose any of those options, you should see their related information on the right side of the application window.

Check out the processor information, for example:

Information related networking interfaces your system is also visible here:

User can also check the  temperature  information of the processor, between other things:

All of this commendable information is available from the command line, particularly in the /proc directory. However, having a tool that provides all of this information in a single user-friendly interface is always beneficial. Aren’t you convinced? Give it a try!


In this article, we have seen the method of installing and using HardInfo on your Ubuntu 20.04 which can be utilized for inspecting the information related to hardware and some software on the system.