How to Install JDownloader on Ubuntu 24.04

JDownloader is a free download manager to download multiple files at a time with easy integration with web browsers. It comes with features like stopping and resuming the downloads, setting the bandwidth to each download, and auto-extract archive files. 

JDownloader 2 is the latest version that is available for all platforms including the latest Ubuntu 24.04. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate a step-by-step procedure to download and install one of the powerful download managers JDownloader on Ubuntu.


  • Operating System: Ubuntu 24.04
  • User Access: Root or standard user with sudo privileges
  • Application: Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 

Install JDownloader on Ubuntu

JDownloader can be installed through different approaches:

  1. Using Snap
  2. Using Installer Script
  3. Using Ubuntu Software Center

1. Install JDownloader on Ubuntu using Snap

One of the key advantages of the Snap packages is that they run in a containerized environment and update automatically. 

Note: Snap package comes with its dependencies so you do not need to install the JDK or JRE. 

To install JDownloader using Snap, go through the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Open Terminal

Launch the terminal app using the ctrl+alt+T keys and run it from the dash.

Step 2: Install JDownloader2 using snap install Command

Now, execute the snap install command with the package name JDownloader to install it.

sudo snap install jdownloader2
Jdownloader 1

Step 3: Launch JDownloader 2 Application

Launch the application by opening the Ubuntu dash menu and searching for JDownloader. An installer will launch that automatically starts downloading updates and validates packages.

Jdownloader 2

After completing the update process, the JDownloader 2 will open.

Jdownloader 3

Uninstall JDownloader using Snap

To delete the JDownloader snap package from Ubuntu, simply run the snap remove command.

sudo snap remove jdownloader2

2. Install JDownloader using Installer Script

The JDownloader 2 is officially available as a script. To install it using the installation script, read the steps listed below:

Step 1: Install Java

JDownloader is developed using Java, to run it you need either Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit. 

Before installing Java, verify whether it is already installed or not.

java --version
Jdownloader 4

Install the default version available to the Ubuntu repository.

sudo apt install default-jre

After installation verify using the java –version command.

Jdownloader 5

Step 2: Download the JDownloader Installer Script

Visit the official website of JDownloader.

Jdownloader 6

Note: If you are unable to open the official website page then directly download the script from this link.

Click on Download Installer; it will navigate to the script hosting site. Click on the Download button on the hosting site to initiate the download of the installation script.

Jdownloader 7

The script will be downloaded in the Downloads directory.

Jdownloader 8

Change the directory and move the Downloads folder.

cd Downloads

Step 3: Give the Executable Permissions to the Installer Script

To make the JDownloader 2 installation script executable, provide it necessary permissions using chmod.

sudo chmod u+x
Jdownloader 9

Step 4: Executing the Installer Script to Install JDownloader 2

To run the JDownloader installer script, use the sh command with the script name.


The installation wizard window will appear.

Jdownloader 10

Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Once done, click the Finish to close the installer.

Jdownloader 11

Step 5: Run JDownloader 2

Upon completion of the installation process, JDownloader will launch automatically and be ready for use. But if does not, open it from the dash menu.

Jdownloader 12

The JDownloader 2 has been successfully installed on Ubuntu 24.04.

Uninstall JDownloader using Uninstall Script

If the JDownloader is installed using the installer script then deleting it has a different procedure because it cannot be deleted using the conventional apt remove command.

Step 1: Open the JDownloader Installation Directory to Access the Uninstall Script

On Ubuntu, the JDownloader installation directory is in the home folder. 

Jdownloader 13

Here, you will locate the Uninstall JDownloader script, which is used for removing the JDownloader application from your system.

Step 2: Run the Uninstall Script

Now, execute this script using the sh command to completely delete JDownloader from Ubuntu.

Jdownloader 14

3. Install JDownloader using Ubuntu Software Center

The JDownloader is also available on Ubuntu Software Center. 

Step 1: Open Software Center

Open the application launcher, search for Ubuntu software center, and launch it.

Step 2: Search JDownloader

In the software center, search JDownloader by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Jdownloader Ubuntu Snap

Click on the application to open the app description page.

Step 3: Install JDownloader

On the app description window, click on the Install button to initiate the installation process of the application.

Jdownloader 15

Note that the software center will install the JDownloader snap.

Uninstall JDownloader using Ubuntu Software Center

To remove the JDownloader package, begin by opening the software center on your Ubuntu system and navigate to the Installed tab. Locate JDownloader 2 from the list of applications, then click on the Uninstall button associated with it to initiate the removal process.

How to Use JDownloader 2

The JDownloader is a robust all-in-one download manager. It smoothly integrates into the browser and triggers a notification that displays details about downloadable links found on the current webpage. The step-by-step instructions to use JDownloader are mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the JDownloader

First launch the JDownloader on your Ubuntu system.

Step 2: Add Links to Downloads

Get any URL that contains downloadable files or copy the downloadable links directly to the JDownloader by clicking on the Add New Links option.

Jdownloader 16

It will open a window that contains the URL copied to the clipboard. You can choose the path to download the file.

Jdownloader 17

After adding the details, click on the Continue, to add the URL in the download queue.

Step 3: Start Downloading

After adding the links, the Start all Downloads options will be enabled; click on it to begin the downloading.

Jdownloader 18

The tab will shift from Link Grabber to Downloads, where you can conveniently access and manage all the files and resources that you have downloaded using JDownloader 2.

Jdownloader 19


JDownloader is a powerful download manager with many features. It can be installed on Ubuntu as a snap package using the snap install command or using the Ubuntu software Center. It can also be installed by downloading the installer script from the official JDownloader website. In this guide, I also discussed a procedure for downloading files using JDownloader.