How to install Steam in Ubuntu 22.04 – 3 Quick Methods

Ubuntu and other Linux distributions are rapidly becoming a choice of many gamers. For this gamer community, there is a platform, Steam, where they can explore games and have discussions on different topics related to games.

Gamers must have an account on Steam that is used to purchase different games, and also, they can play the trial version of some games before buying the subscription to get to know about the interface of the game and in this guide, we are concerned about installing Steam on Ubuntu.

How to install Steam on Ubuntu 22.04

We can install Steam on Ubuntu by different methods mentioned below:

  • From the default repository
  • From flathub
  • From deb package

Method 1: How to install Steam on Ubuntu 22.04 using the default repository

The package of Steam comes in the default repository of Ubuntu and can be installed using the apt package manager:

$ sudo apt install steam -y

To confirm the installation of the package of Steam, we will go to the search bar of Ubuntu application and type “steam”:

You can see from the above image that Steam has been installed now we will remove it from Ubuntu using the command:

$ sudo apt purge steam -y

Method 2: How to install Steam on Ubuntu 22.04 from the flathub

Flathub is a platform containing different Linux applications which can be installed by downloading from flathub using the flatpak utility and installing it on Linux distribution. For this purpose, first, make sure that the flatpak utility has been installed, and if it is not installed, then it can be installed using the command:

$ sudo apt install flatpak -y

To download and install Steam from the Flathub, we will use the command:

$ flatpak install flathub com.valvesoftware.Steam

To remove Steam using the flatpak, we will run the command:

$ flatpak remove flathub com.valvesoftware.Steam

Method 3: How to install Steam on Ubuntu 22.04 using the Debian package

In this method, we will use the wget command to download the Debian package of Steam from the official website of Steam using the command:

$ wget -O steam.deb

Now, we will install the Debian package of Steam by using the dpkg package manager:

$ sudo apt install ./steam.deb -y

When the package is installed, we will run it by searching the “steam” from the search bar of the Application’s menu and clicking on its icon:

Now, we will type the Steam account’s credential and log in to the Steam:

The home page of Steam has been displayed on the screen:


Steam is providing the gamers community with around 30000 games including the arcade games. Some games are free to play, whereas other games are premium which you have to buy. In this write-up, Steam has been installed by various methods on Ubuntu 22.04, including its Debian package and from flathub.