How To Install translate-shell on Ubuntu 22.04?

Translate-shell was previously known as the “Google Translate CLI” used to translate the different scripts. It translated different texts on the Linux distributions in different languages. This blog will help you to understand the installation method of translate-shell on Ubuntu the blog contents are:

How To Install translate-shell on Ubuntu 22.04?

The translate shell package can be obtained from the official repository of Ubuntu 22.04 and can be installed by following the steps provided below:

$ sudo apt update

Then verify that the translate-shell package is available in the default repository of Ubuntu by running the command:

$ apt show translate-shell” version of the translate-shell is available which can be installed by using the apt package manager:

$ sudo apt install translate-shell -y

How to Use the translate-shell on Ubuntu 22.04?

To use the translate-shell on Ubuntu, the general usage syntax is:


The explanation of the above syntax is:

  • Use the trans command
  • Specify the options like verbose
  • Specify the source language in which you want to translate
  • Specify the target language in which you want to translate
  • Type the text which is supposed to translate

For example, we will translate the dutch word “glücklich” into English by following the above general syntax:

$ trans  de:en glücklich

In the above example, we translate the dutch word to English.

How to Delete the translate-shell From Ubuntu 22.04?

Now, if there is no use of the installed package of Translate-shell, then it can be removed from Ubuntu. To make the space free for some other packages, use the command:

$ sudo apt purge translate-shell -y

The package is removed from Ubuntu 22.04.


The translate-shell can be installed from the command-line interface by running the command “sudo apt install translate-shell -y” in Ubuntu 22.04. In this blog, the installation method of Translate-shell has been explained by running different commands in the terminal of Ubuntu 22.04.