How to Install Webex on Ubuntu 22.04?

Webex is a cloud-based service that is used to communicate with people all around the world through video conference calls to arrange meetings or business seminars.

In this blog, the installation method of Webex on the latest release of Ubuntu, known as Jammy Jellyfish, has been explored. The blog’s content is:

How to Install Webex on Ubuntu 22.04?

For the installation of Webex on Ubuntu, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Download Webex

To download Webex on Ubuntu, open the web browser on Ubuntu and go to the mentioned URL, a page will be opened. Click on the “For Linux (DEB)” button:

It will take some time, depending upon the internet connection speed, and download the Debian package of Webex in the Downloads directory.

Step 2: Install Webex

After downloading the Debian package of Webex, navigate to the Download directory where the package has been downloaded:

$ cd Downloads

List down the contents of the Downloads directory:

$ ls

The Debian package of Webex has been downloaded. It can be seen in the figure above to install it, use the dpkg command:

$ sudo dpkg -i Webex.deb

The package of Webex has been successfully installed on Ubuntu.

Launch Webex

Go to the search bar in the application menu and type “Webex”:

Click on the icon of the Webex, and a certificate of terms and conditions will appear, click on the “Agree” button to proceed to the login page:

Sign in to the Webex account by using the credentials of your account:

How to Remove the Webex on Ubuntu 22.04?

To remove the Webex on Ubuntu, use the dpkg package manager with its “r” option as shown in the command:

$ sudo dpkg -r Webex

The package will be removed after completing the above command.


Webex can be installed by downloading its Debian package from its official website and using the command “sudo dpkg -i [package name]” on Ubuntu. In this blog, the installation method of Webex has been explained on the latest release of Ubuntu 22.04.