How to Install WinSCP on Ubuntu 22.04?

Windows users are familiar with WinSCP (Windows Secure Copy ) as it is a Windows-based application used to transfer data from one machine to another. The WinSCP offers the FTP and SFTP approach to transfer files. Apart from its availability in Windows, WinSCP can be obtained on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

Considering the importance of WinSCP, this post will demonstrate the method to install WinSCP on Ubuntu. The post’s content is as follows:

Prerequisite: Install and Configure Wine on Ubuntu

WinSCP support is not available for Ubuntu 22.04; to get it on Ubuntu, the users need to install and configure the Wine emulator, which is used to run Windows applications on Linux. Click here to install and configure Wine on Ubuntu 22.04 to read the blog.

How to Install WinSCP on Ubuntu?

This section enlists the steps to install WinSCP on Ubuntu, so let’s dig into them one by one:

Step 1: Download .exe of WinSCP

First, download the installer of WinSCP and for this purpose, open the link in the web browser and click on the “DOWNLOAD WINSCP” button:

Step 2: Navigate to the Downloads Directory

When the download is completed, open the terminal, navigate to the “Downloads” directory and list down its content to verify the download:

$ cd Downloads && ls

The “WinSCP-5.21.2-Setup.exe” can be seen which is confirmation of the successful downloading of WinSCP installer.

Step 3: Run .exe Through Wine

Now, use the wine utility to install the downloaded .exe file of WinSCP using the command:

$ wine WinSCP-*-Setup.exe

A screen will pop up, choose the “Install for all users (recommended)”:

Then, agree with the terms and conditions by clicking on the “Accept” button:

Then, choose the setup type, it is recommended to click on the “Typical installation (recommended)” option and click on the “Next” button:

Then choose the “Initial User Interface” by clicking the “Commander” and click on the “Next” button to proceed next:

Step 4: Install WinSCP

Once the above configuration steps are performed, click on the “Install” button to start the installation:

When the installation is completed, click on the “Finish” button to close the installation wizard of WinSCP:

When the installation Wizard is completed, WinSCP will automatically start:

Connect to another machine by making sure that the WinSCP is also installed in them.

How to Remove WinSCP on Ubuntu 22.04?

If the package of WinSCP is not in use, you want to remove it to make space available for the new packages to be installed. Then we can remove it with all its configuration files:

$ sudo apt purge wine32

With the removal of wine32, the package of the WinSCP will also be removed.


To install WinSCP on Ubuntu 22.04, install and configure the Wine emulator first. After that, download the “.exe” file of the WinSCP package from the official website and install it through Wine. This post has briefly explained the installation procedure of WinSCP on Ubuntu 22.04.