Installing Atom on Ubuntu 20.10

Atom is a cross-platform, open-source, a very robust text and code editor which supports numerous programming languages. It supports tons of plugins developed using JavaScript and embedded Git Control. Atom is developed using web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Atom is a customizable and configurable editor with a built-in package manager. It supports almost all programming languages such as Bash, JavaScript, Coffee Script, C#, C++, Kotlin, Objective C, and many more. Notable features of Atom editor are:

  1. Auto-Completion
  2. Multiple panes
  3. File system browser
  4. Package manager
  5. Customization like changing themes
  6. Third-party packages support

Atom can be installed on Ubuntu using various approaches, such as:

  1. Using Ubuntu’s Software Store
  2. Using terminal 

Let’s check how to get it on your Ubuntu device:

1. Installing Atom using Ubuntu’s Software Store:

The first approach to installing “Atom” is simple. Open Ubuntu’s Software store. It can be searched in applications: 

Click on the “Search” icon and type “Atom”:

Open it and click on the “Install” button, the downloading and installation process will be initiated, the progress can also also be observed:

Once it is installed, it can be viewed in applications, Atom Editor is ready to use, open It:

The welcome window of “Atom” can be seen in the image below:

2. Installing Atom using the terminal:

The second approach is installing is using the terminal. Press “ctrl+alt” and “T” to open the terminal and type the below-mentioned command:

$sudo snap install --classic atom

The installation will begin shortly; the progress of the installation can be viewed as displayed in the above images.

The alternative approach is using the Debian package. First, download the Debian package of Atom editor using the command mentioned below:

$wget -O AtomEditor.deb

To install the “Atom Editor” package using the command given below:

$sudo apt install ./AtomEditor.deb

Uninstalling Atom Editor:

If you have downloaded it from Ubuntu’s Software store then open the software store again and search “Atom”, you will view the “Remove” button there, simply click and Atom Editor will be uninstalled. 

Applications installed using snap can be deleted using the command given below:

$sudo snap remove atom

If you used the Debian package approach of installing Atom Editor, simply execute the command and press the return button:

$sudo apt remove atom

Atom editor will be removed from your Ubuntu device.