How to install Terminus (Tabby) on Ubuntu 22.04

Terminus is a modern, highly configurable terminal program for Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It offers split panes, fully customizable shortcuts, multiple themes, and color schemes. Terminus was developed using web technologies and was primarily influenced by Hyper, another web-based terminal. It allows us to operate and automate computer processes without needing a graphical user interface.

This post will demonstrate how to install, use, and uninstall Terminus on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to install Terminus(Tabby) on Ubuntu 22.04?

On Ubuntu 22.04, to install Terminus(Tabby), follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Download setup file

In the first step, navigate to the below-mentioned link and download the Tabby setup file:

The selected Tabby setup file will be downloaded and saved in the “Downloads” directory:

The alternative method is to download the setup file through the terminal using the “wget” command. However, it will permit you to get a specific version of the Tabby setup file:

$ wget

Step 2: Update system packages

Next, open up the terminal by the “CTRL+ALT+T” key and update the system packages:

$ sudo apt update

Step 3: Open Downloads directory

Move to the “Downloads” folder by using the “cd” command:

$ cd Downloads

Run “ls” command to view the list of files present in the “Downloads” directory:

$ ls

The above-given output verifies that we have successfully downloaded the Tabby setup file that is placed in the “Download” folder.

Step 4: Install Terminus (Tabby)

Install Terminus on Ubuntu 22.04 using the below-provided command:

$ sudo dpkg -i tabby-1.0.181-linux-x64.deb

If you face an error during installation, write out the following command:

$ sudo apt --fix-broken install

Let’s move towards launching Terminus on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to launch Terminus on Ubuntu 22.04

To launch Terminus (Tabby) on Ubuntu 22.04, execute the command on terminal:

$ tabby

After launching “Tabby” on Ubuntu 22.04, click on the “Close and never show again” button and start using Terminus:

To open a new terminal tab, you can use either the “+” icon or the “+ New terminal” button:

That’s it! Terminus is all set and ready to use on our Ubuntu 22.04:

Let’s move forward to remove Terminus from Ubuntu 22.04.

How to uninstall Terminus from Ubuntu 22.04

On Ubuntu 22.04, to uninstall Terminus (Tabby), execute the provided command:

$ sudo dpkg --remove tabby-terminal

We have effectively elaborated the method to install, launch and remove Terminus on Ubuntu 22.04.


On Ubuntu 22.04, to install Terminus, first, download the setup file from its official website and update the system packages. Then, move to the “Downloads” folder and execute the Terminus installation command “$ sudo dpkg -i tabby-1.0.181-linux-x64.deb” on Ubuntu 22.04 terminal. To use Terminus (Tabby) on Ubuntu 22.04, run the “$ tabby” command. In this writeup, we have demonstrated the procedure to install, launch, and remove Terminus from Ubuntu 22.04.