How to Install a Color Picker on Ubuntu

Color Picker is a software application that allows users to pick specific colors from the desktop screen or digital images. This tool is essential for graphic designers as it helps them edit their projects’ colors. 

Different applications are used to pick up the color in Ubuntu other than the Color Picker. In this blog, along with the installation of the Color Picker on Ubuntu, some other tools are also explored. 

How does Color Picker Work on Ubuntu?

To understand the working cycle of the “Color Picker”, split it into three parts:

  1. Selection: Users select the specific colors from any pixels of the screen
  2. Information of the Color: A color picker shows the information of the selected color including the RGB values
  3. Color Management: Users manage the selected colors by saving them for their future use

These are the three steps in which the Color Picker works on Ubuntu. It is useful for the designers to choose the colors from the specific digital images and use them in their other projects. 

How to Install the Color Picker on Ubuntu Using Snapcraft?

The easiest way of installing the package of the “Color Picker” is by its snap. The snap can be downloaded from the Snapcraft” store using the snapd package manager. 

Follow the below-explained steps for the installation of Color Picker on Ubuntu.

Step 1: Launch the Ubuntu’s Terminal

Using the CTRL+ALT+T shortcut key launch the terminal of Ubuntu:

Step 2: Update the Ubuntu’s Packages

It is recommended to update the packages of Ubuntu once every day with the command:

$ sudo apt update

Step 3: Install the Snapd Package Manager

To download and install the snap of “Color Picker” from Snapcraft, ensure the snapd package manager has been installed on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt install snapd -y

Step 4: Install the Color Picker on Ubuntu

After the installation of snapd package manager, use it to download and install the “Color Picker” on Ubuntu:

$ sudo snap install color-picker

Step 5: Launch the Color Picker on Ubuntu

To verify the installation, launch the application of the “Color Picker” with the command:

$ color-picker

The package of the color picker has been installed successfully. 

How to Remove the Color Picker on Ubuntu?

To remove the “Color Picker” on Ubuntu using the snapd package manager, execute the command:

$ sudo snap remove color-picker

How to Install the Color Picker on Ubuntu Using the Flathub?

Another method of installing the Color Picker on Ubuntu is by using the Flathub package. To download and install the package from the Flathub, make sure the flatpak command utility has been installed:

$ sudo apt install flatpak -y

Now, download and install the package of “Color Picker” with the command:

$ flatpak install flathub nl.hjdskes.gcolor3

When the installation is completed, run the application:

$ flatpak run nl.hjdskes.gcolor3

The application of the Color Picker is installed and also running on the computer. 

How to Uninstall Color Picker on Ubuntu?

To uninstall and remove the Color Picker on Ubuntu using the flatpak command, execute the command:

$ flatpak uninstall flathub nl.hjdskes.gcolor3

What are the Alternative Packages of Color Picker on Ubuntu?

There are many other applications that can be installed on Ubuntu to pick up the colors from the images. One of them is the “gpick” software package and it can be installed by running the command:

$ sudo apt install gpick -y

To verify the installation, run the installed application:

$ gpick

The package of the Color Picker has been installed successfully. If you want to remove it from Ubuntu, then run the command:

$ sudo apt purge gpick -y

These are different installation methods for the Color Picker on Ubuntu. 


A Color Picker can be installed on Ubuntu, either by downloading from Snapcraft or the Flathub with the Snapcraft and Flatpak package managers respectively. This blog explains both installation methods of Color Picker on Ubuntu as well as its alternative on Ubuntu.