SyntaxError: invalid character in Python

While working with Python programming, the user may encounter various errors such as TypeError, IndexError, SyntaxError, etc. The “SyntaxError” occurs when the user enters an irrelevant character in Python code.

This write-up will provide a comprehensive guide on various reasons and solutions for “SyntaxErrors: invalid character” in Python. The following aspects are discussed in this Python guide:

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Reason 1: Invalid Character

In Python, the “SyntaxError: invalid character” occurs in Python when the invalid character is placed in our code. This error occurs mostly at the time of copy-pasting code from any other source into Python IDE.

The above snippet shows the invalid character error due to incorrect initialization of the string.

Solution: Rewrite Error Line Code

To resolve this error, locate the error line and remove the invalid character, or the best technique is to re-write the complete line of code. The example code below replaces the invalid quote character with single quotation marks to resolve the “SyntaxError” in the Python program.


player_name = 'David Williams'

In the above code, the string value is correctly initialized using single quotation marks.


The above output shows that the stated error has been resolved successfully.

Reason 2: Using an Invalid Character in List

The SyntaxError also appears in the program when an invalid character is used between the element/items of a list, tuple, dictionary, set, etc.

In the above snippet, the invalid character is used between the list elements.

Solution: Use Regular Commas

To fix the error, use a regular comma between the list elements.


list_value = ['Age', 'Weight','Height']


In the above code, regular commas are placed in the list to separate the list elements.


The list of strings is created successfully in the above output.

Note: The “invalid character” error mostly occurs when the code is copy pasted from outside of the IDE. Make sure to re-write the code or use any online tool that checks the code’s non-printable Unicode character.

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The “SyntaxError: invalid character” occurs in Python when an invalid or non-printable Unicode character is used in a Python program. To resolve the stated error, re-write the erroneous line of code and re-execute the program. An online tool can also be used to check non-printable Unicode by pasting code programs into the tool. This Python post discussed the reason and solution of “SyntaxError: invalid character” in Python with appropriate examples.