How to count in a for loop in Python

How to Count in a for Loop in Python?

To count in a “for” loop, the traditional “for” loop, along with the addition operator “+” and the “enumerate()” function, is used in Python.

Methods to Install Python on Mac

Methods to Install Python on Mac

In the Mac operating system, Python can be installed using the “Homebrew” package installer and the official “Python Installer”.

KeyError 1 exception in Python

KeyError: 1 exception in Python

To resolve this “KeyError”, we need to check the existence of the key before accessing, set the key before accessing, or use the try-except block.

Python OpenCV cv2 Resize Image

Python OpenCV cv2 Resize Image

The “cv2.resize()” function is used to upscale or downscale the image. The width/height of the image can be resized separately by providing the constant value.

How to Install G++ on Ubuntu

How to Install G++ on Ubuntu?

In Ubuntu, the G++ compiler comes by default. The G++ compiler compiles the C++ program written on the command line with the help of the default nano editor.

How to print integer values in Python

How to Print Integer Values in Python?

To print integer values, the “print()” function, “f-string” method, and “sys.stdout.write()” function of the “sys” module are used in Python.