How to Install Vagrant on Ubuntu 22.04

Vagrant is an open-source tool used to manage and create different virtual environments using virtualization technology such as VMWare, VirtualBox, etc. It simplifies the Configuration management of virtual machines to increase productivity with the help of Provisioners. Provisioners allow the customization of the configuration of virtual machines.

Vagrant gives a large number of development environments to the developers, which allows the developers to work beyond several operating systems. The vagrant tool can be installed on almost all Linux distributions.

Let’s dig into this article to find out how we can install Vagrant on Ubuntu 22.04


The virtual machine is required to install Vagrant, we can use any virtual machine for this purpose, such as Hyper-V, Docker, VMware, etc., but we are going to use VirtualBox in this tutorial.

Virtual box

Virtual Box is a virtualization tool to create and manage multiple operating systems as virtual machines. The main reason behind installing VirtualBox is that vagrant needs virtualization support. We will install a Virtual box for the installation of Vagrant.

$ sudo apt install virtualbox -y

The output of the command shows that the vagrant has been installed successfully.

How to install Vagrant on Ubuntu 22.04

Vagrant is the latest technology that helps to create and build virtual environments. The official repository method is used to install the Vagrant on Ubuntu 22.04.

Let’s move on to the installation step by step.

Step 1: Update system packages

First of all, update the system repositories to the latest versions. To do so, open the terminal by pressing the shortcut keys altogether “CTRL+Alt+T” and run the update command.

$ sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Vagrant

After the update, install Vagrant by using the command below:

$ sudo apt install vagrant -y

Step 3: Verify the installation

Now, that installation is completed. Verify its installation, to do so run –version command

$ vagrant --version

The version number is proof that Vagrant is successfully installed on Ubuntu 22.04.

How to remove Vagrant from Ubuntu using the official repository

The installation and removal process of Vagrant is almost the same. The only difference between them is the install and remove command. The remove command will remove the Vagrant from Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt remove vagrant -y

In case you want to remove the Vagrant and its inter-related files completely from Ubuntu then you need to use the autoremove command. See the demonstration below to understand more.

$ sudo apt autoremove vagrant -y

The Vagrant is removed from the system.

Here you go! Vagrant is installed on your machine.


Vagrant is available on the official repository of Ubuntu 22.04 and can be installed using apt. Vagrant requires a Virtualization tool to play with virtual machines. This post aims to guide you on how to install Vagrant on Ubuntu 22.04. Additionally, we have provided the installation of Virtualbox on Ubuntu 22.04. A vagrant is an open-source tool used to create and manage different virtual development environments. Vagrant is used to customizing the configuration management of virtual machines.