How to Install WhatsApp on Ubuntu 22.04

WhatsApp is an application used to communicate with people around the globe. The communication may be sending messages, making calls, or sharing documents or images instantly. Due to its distinctive features, WhatsApp is found on every smartphone (9/10). In recent updates, WhatsApp Web support is made available for users that can be accessed through the browser or by installing the WhatsApp application.

In this write-up, different installation methods of WhatsApp on Ubuntu 22.04 are explored.

The content of this installation guide is as follows:

Let’s start the installation:

Method 1: Install Whatsapp on Ubuntu 22.04 Using the Snap Utility

Snapcraft is a store containing hundreds of Linux applications that can be downloaded and installed using a single command. Snap store is assisted by the snapd utility (which comes by default in Ubuntu 22.04).

The below-mentioned command will install WhatsApp on Ubuntu 22.04:

$ sudo snap install whatsapp-for-linux

When WhatsApp has been installed, run the application from the command line with the command:

$ whatsapp-for-linux

The application will be launched, open WhatsApp and scan the code on the screen to log in with your Whatsapp account:

Remove WhatsApp From Ubuntu 22.04

If WhatsApp is installed in the thorough snap store, it can be removed using the snap command as follows:

$ sudo snap remove whatsapp-for-linux

WhatsApp has been removed from Ubuntu.

Method 2: Install Whatsapp on Ubuntu 22.04 Using the Flatpak Utility

Similar to the snapcraft, flathub is another Linux applications store from where you can download and install applications. The Flathub is accessed using the flatpak utility on Ubuntu. The following steps will lead you to get WhatsApp on Ubuntu 22.04 via flatpak:

Step 1: Install Flatpak

Flatpak utility does not come pre-installed, so you have to install it using the command:

$ sudo apt install flatpak -y

Step 2: Install WhatsApp

When the flatpak utility is installed, use it to download and install WhatsApp using the command:

$ flatpak install flathub com.github.eneshecan.WhatsAppForLinux

It will ask your permission to proceed as shown in the above figure; allow it by typing “y”:

Step 3: Launch WhatsApp

When the installation process is complete, use the command to run the application:

$ flatpak run com.github.eneshecan.WhatsAppForLinux

The following interface will appear, which asks you to scan the code (from your phone):

Remove WhatsApp Using Flatpak

To remove WhatsApp from Ubuntu using the flatpak utility, execute the command:

$ flatpak uninstall

The application of WhatsApp has been uninstalled.

That’s all from this installation guide!


On Ubuntu 22.04, use the snap and flatpak utilities to install WhatsApp from snapcraft and flatub stores. Users can use the command “sudo snap install whatsapp-for-linux” to get WhatsApp from Snap, and “flatpak install flathub com.github.eneshecan.WhatsAppForLinux” will allow installing WhatsApp using Flatpak. In this WhatsApp installation guide, you have learned to install WhatsApp on Ubuntu 22.04.