How to take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Screenshots are utilized to capture the important information or data which appears on the computer or mobile screens. The term screenshot is commonly referred to as a static image. Some people believe that screenshots are the most important thing in the modern world. Screenshots are quite helpful to prepare a guide of some processes in Ubuntu. A guide with screenshots is more liked and understandable.

This article provides various methods to take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Let’s dig into this article to find out the methods.

How to take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu 22.04 is equipped with an advanced level screenshot tool to capture any action on the Screen. However, there are multiple screenshot tools such as Flameshot, Kazam, and Deepin are available on Ubuntu’s official repository. This section provides the steps to take screenshots by using the default screenshot tool and a third-party tool as well.

How to take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using the default tool

The default screenshot tool of Ubuntu 22.04 has a screen capturing and recording functionality. The following steps are described.

The default screenshot tool is triggered by using the “PRTSC” button on Ubuntu 22.04. To use it, press the “PRTSC” key and a window will appear as shown below:

You can see there appeared three options:

  • Selection
  • Screen
  • Window

Selection Tool: The selection tool selects and captures the specific area of the screen. To do so click on the select icon and adjust the rectangle shape selection according to your needs and then press the circled button to capture that selected space.

Screen Tool: A second option is a screening tool. When you click on the screen button it will automatically select the whole portion of the screen and then just press the circled button below to capture the screen.

Window Tool: The third and last option is the window tool. When you click on the window icon it will show you all open windows and you just have to select one of the windows and then click the circled capture button to capture the specific window.

Note: The screenshots which are captured by any of the above three options will directly be saved into the /home/username/Pictures/Screenshots directory.

How to take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using third-party apps

There are multiple third-party applications that allow you to capture the screenshots, “Flameshot” is one of them. Here, you will learn to install Flameshot and use it to take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04.

Step 1: Install Flameshot

Flameshot is available on the official repository of Ubuntu 22.04. You can install it via the following command:

$ sudo apt install flameshot -y

Step 2: Open Flameshot

Now open the Flameshot by using the search option in the application menu

Step 3: Launch Flameshot

After you open the Flameshot, you will see its icon with three petals in the system tray.

Step 4: Take a screenshot

Click on the Flameshot icon and you will see a menu pop-up appear underneath it. Click on the ‘Take screenshot’ to capture the whole screen. See the below image to understand more.

Moreover, if you want to take a screenshot of the selected area of your choice then click on the option “Open Launcher” and it will show the output window as shown below:

Click on the “Options” menu and it will show you the following window with the three options. The ‘Grab the whole screen’ option will capture the whole screen. The ‘Grab the current window’ will capture the window of your choice and ‘Select area to grab’ will select the area of your choice.

After choosing anyone, click on the “Take Screenshot” option as shown below:

The screenshot will be saved at the selected location.

Here you go! you have learned to take screenshots by using the default tool and a third-party tool.


The screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04 can be captured in multiple ways. Ubuntu 22.04 supports a well-equipped tool to capture screenshots. Moreover, one can take the screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04 via a third-party tool. This post demonstrates various methods to take screenshots on Ubuntu 22.04. Numerous third-party tools are available such as Flameshot, Kaza, Deepin, etc. We have provided the installation and usage of Flamshot as well.