TypeError: ‘numpy.ndarray’ object is not callable in Python

In all programming languages, array data structures are used to store multiple homogeneous elements at the same time. In Python, an open-source library Numpy is used to create arrays. The elements of an array in Python can be accessed using the index number. However, sometimes, the “’numpy.ndarray’ object is not callable” error occurs in Python programs while accessing the arrays.

This post will deliver a thorough guide on various reasons and solutions regarding the “TypeError: ‘numpy.ndarray’ object is not callable” in Python. In this Python blog post, the following aspects are discussed in detail:

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Reason 1: Calling Array as a Function

One major reason for this error in Python programs is accessing array elements using parentheses instead of square brackets.

In the above snippet, the “TypeError: ndarray object is not callable” occurs when the array element is accessed using parentheses.

Solution: Use Square Bracket While Accessing

To resolve this error, use square brackets instead of parentheses while accessing the array element in the Python program.


import numpy as np

array_val = np.array([11, 22, 33, 44])


In the above code, the “NumPy” library is imported as “np”, and the “np.array()” function is used to create an array. The variable of the array used a square bracket with an integer value (index number) to access the element of the array, such as “array_val[1]”.


The above output shows that replacing the parenthesis with the square brackets resolves the stated error.

Reason 2: Similar Function and Variable Name

Another common reason for this error is using the same name for a function and variable in the program.

The output snippet shows that a TypeError occurs when a function and a variable are created with the same name.

Note: If the variable is initialized before the function with the same name, the TypeError will not appear in the output. Because in such a case, the Python interpreter will ignore the variable and execute the value of the function.

Solution: Rename Function or Variable

To resolve this error, either the function’s name or the variable’s name must be altered in the program.


import numpy as np

def sample():
    x = np.array([55,66,77,88])

sample_1 = np.array([23, 44, 32])


In the above code, a function, and a variable are initialized with the different names. The function is accessed at the end of the program using the function’s name followed by parentheses, such as sample().


The above snippet shows the value of the array initialized in the function.

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The “numpy.ndarray object is not callable” error occurs when a user tries to call an array as a function or uses the same name for a function and variable. To rectify this error remove the parentheses and use a square bracket while accessing the array element. Rename the function or variable when they are found with the same name in the Python program. This article presented a detailed guide on various causes and solutions of the “numpy.ndarray object is not callable” error in Python.