How to Update to a Newer Version of Git Using APT?

Git is an open-source distributed control system to efficiently manage the source code of small as well as large projects. The user might have installed it using the apt package manager of Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux distributions and want to update to the newer version of git; to get the most advanced features and functionalities of sharing and editing the project’s source code.

This post will cover the methods to upgrade the current version of git to a newer version using the apt package manager in Linux.

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How to Update to a Newer Version of Git Using APT?

The user can update the current version of git to the latest one without removing it. This can be done by adding the “git-core/ppa” repository in the system and installing the git. 

Follow the subsequent steps to update the git to the latest version:

Step 1: Check the Current Git Version

Let’s check the current version of git available in the operating system:

$ git --version

The current version of git is “2.34.1” that is already installed in the system.

Step 2: Add PPA Repository

In order to update the version of git, add the following repository in the operating system to install git dependencies:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:git-core/ppa

The “git-core” PPA repository is added.

Note: If users get an error while adding the repository, run the “sudo apt install software-properties-common” command to install dependencies:

Step 3: Update Packages

Once the repository is added, update the system packages using the “apt” command as below:

$ sudo apt update

After executing the above common, the package list has been updated.

Step 4: Install Newer Version of Git 

Now, install the git using the apt package manager as shown:

$ sudo apt install git

The latest version of git is installed.

Verify the Change

Let’s verify the version of the git in the terminal:

$ git --version

The git version is upgraded to “2.40.0,” which is the newer version on the official website.


To update the git to the latest version, add the “git-core” repository by executing the “sudo apt-add-repository ppa:git-core/ppa” command. Then, update the system packages and install git using the “sudo apt install git” command. After that, verify the version of git. 

This write-up has illuminated the step-by-step procedure of updating the git to the latest version.