What Does Rate Limited Mean on Discord?

Discord has become a most interactive platform for users in terms of communication. However, to ensure a safe and secure environment, Discord restricts users from certain actions repeatedly at the same time by implementing “rate limited” or banning the user from Discord for some time and displaying the error message “You are being rate limited”:

In this blog we will demonstrate:

  1. What Does Rate Limiting Mean on Discord?
  2. Causes of Rate Limited Error
  3. How to Resolve Rate Limited Issues on Discord?

What Does Rate Limiting Mean on Discord?

Rate limiting is a mechanism implemented by Discord to control how frequently a user can perform certain actions on Discord within a specific time frame. Its main purpose is to prevent spamming and any illegal or unauthorized activities that can put a load on the server and can harm the user experience.

Causes of Rate Limited Error

Understanding the common triggers or actions that can result in being rate limited on Discord is crucial for effectively addressing this issue.

Bot Actions and Automation

Discord comes with various bots that can be used to automate certain tasks to save time and improve efficiency. But if those bots perform the same action repeatedly at a fast pace, then this error can occur. The reason is that Discord considers this act as a threat that can decrease its overall performance.

Excessive Requests

Sending a large amount of requests within a short time span can also lead to rate limiting on Discord. These requests require resources to be performed and if excessive resources have been used then a certain threshold limit prevents the overload and this error can occur.

Signs of Being Rate Limited

When you are being rate limited, you cannot perform certain tasks. Some common signs of being rate limited are listed below.

Error Messages and Notifications

When rate-limited, you can face error messages or notifications indicating that your actions have been temporarily restricted. These messages typically include information about the rate limit, such as the number of requests allowed or the duration of the restriction.

Restricted Actions

A user won’t be able to perform certain actions on Discord temporarily if they are being rate limited. These include sending messages, joining voice channels, or interacting with specific features until the rate limit is lifted.

How to Resolve Rate Limited Issue on Discord

Some practical actions which can be performed to fix the rate-limited issue on Discord are listed below.

Fix 1: Wait for the Rate Limit to Reset

Rate limits on Discord are temporary and automatically reset after a specific duration. If you encounter a rate limit, the best action is to wait patiently until the restriction is lifted, allowing you to resume normal activities.

Fix 2: Use Incognito Mode or Change Browsers

Using a browser’s incognito mode can help bypass the restrictions as it no longer uses the cookies that store the browsing information. This method provides a fresh browsing session without the stored cookies that started the rate limit:

Fix 3: Restart Your Router 

Restarting the router can also be a good solution to fix the rate-limited issue as it can assign the user with a new IP address while discarding the old information. This can be accomplished by switching off the modem and then after some time switching it on again. In the case of a wired network, a user can remove the ethernet cable to fix this issue:

Fix 4: Switch Networks with a Mobile Hotspot

The rate-limited issue can also occur based on the network that someone is using. So, in such cases switching to a different network such as from WIFI to a mobile hotspot can also fix this issue:

Fix 5: Contact Discord Support

If the above solutions failed to fix the problem, then a user can reach out to Discord support for further guidance. Send them an email by providing all the relevant information so that they can understand in a better way and can fix your issue on time. This can be done by visiting this link:

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The rate limit is an essential mechanism implemented by Discord to ensure server stability and prevent and maintain a fair environment for all users. There are some practical methods to fix this issue such as waiting for the rate limit to reset, using incognito mode, and Restart Your Router. Moreover, switching networks with a mobile hotspot and contacting Discord support can also fix this issue.