How to Write a Letter in Google Docs?

Letters are used for official purposes like sending to the authorities, organizations, friends, families, etc. Google Docs being a leading text editor, offers various methods to write a letter in Google Docs. However, the users can also write a letter with their design and customization. This post will cover the possible methods for writing a letter in Google Docs.

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Let’s start with this guide.

Method 1: How to Write a Letter in Google Docs?

Sometimes users want to write letters with their design and preferences. For that purpose, the user can write his letter manually. The implementation of this method is as follows:

Step 1: Add Header

After opening the document, add a header by inserting the name, address, and date. After that, align the text to the right side by pressing the “right indent” icon as shown below figure:

Step 2: Add Content in Body and Footer

Now add the content in the body and footer that can be seen below in the figure, Moreover, users can modify the alignment according to their needs:

Step 3: Verify Customized Letter

Now, users can verify that a customized letter has been written in the document:

Let’s explore the Mobile Google Docs.

Method 2: How to Write a Letter in Google Docs Mobile App?

Letters can also be written on the mobile application of Google Docs, and the above letter can be typed on Google Docs Mobile App. Let’s perform this method practically:

Step 1: Add Header and Footer

Add header and footer sections by writing the name, address, and date in the document that can be seen in below figure:

Step 2: Add Body

For adding the body section, write the content of the letter as shown in the below image:

That is from the mobile application.

Let’s explore the built-in template of letters.

Method 3: How to Write a Letter Using the Built-in Templates?

This method uses the built-in template from the “From Template Gallery” option in Google Docs. Let’s perform this method:

Step 1: Open the Template Gallery

Open the document and click on the “From Template Gallery” option from the “File” tab of the menu bar:

Step 2: Choose the Template

A new tab will open with all built-in templates; choose the “Letter” template of your choice:

Step 3: Verifying the Built-in template

A letter template has been added to the document, as shown in the below image:

Now users can edit the letter according to their needs.

That is all from the guide.


In Google Docs, users can write customized letters by typing and formatting the text. Moreover, they can utilize the built-in templates of Google Docs as well. These templates come from the “From template gallery” option. Users can choose the particular template of the letter and modify it according to their requirements. This method is useful for writing letters in less time and effort. This article has illustrated all possible methods to write a letter in Google Docs.