5 Best Windows Emulators in Linux

Windows Emulators are the tools with the help of which windows-operating system-based applications can be downloaded and run on Ubuntu. Also, the most common example is Adobe Photoshop, the photo editing tool popular on Windows. Though Linux provides different best editor tools, if the user still insists on downloading Adobe photoshop, then an emulator is needed on the Linux distribution.

In this blog, the top five best windows emulators for Linux are discussed in detail with their salient features. The list of these five windows emulators is provided below:

Let us dig into the first emulator from the list:


Wine is the favorite choice of Linux users to run Windows-based applications. WineHQ translates the code of the Windows applications into the POSIX calls on the fly, which helps to run the applications on non-window operating systems.

WineHQ can be used on Linux and macOS to run Windows-based applications.

With the help of Linux, it is possible to interface windows programs with Linux operating system. WineHQ also allows its users to use X terminal to display stream applications.

Features of WIne

Some of the salient features of WineHQ are provided below:

  • It is compatible with the win32 code
  • Mixing of win32 and POSIX code
  • It supports DirectX-based games

Install Wine on Linux

  • To Install WineHQ on Debian-based distributions, use the following link.
  • To install WineHQ on other Linux systems, You can visit the official website for details.

VMWare Workstation

VMWare workstation is the virtualization application for the Linux and Windows operating systems. It allows users to run multiple virtual machines on the same machine. After making a machine, it is possible to run multiple operating systems o a single machine.

Though it is a paid application, it can be downloaded for free to run Windows-based applications. About 3 GB of video memory is shared with the Vmware Workstation.

Features of VMWare Workstation

Some of the salient features of VMWare Workstation are provided below:

  • It allows running multiple Kubernetes and operating systems on a single computer
  • Support the latest release of windows 10
  • Encrypt expiring virtual machines

Install VMWare Workstation

  • To Install VMWare Workstation on Debian-based distributions, use the following link.
  • For other Linux systems, read out the instructions from the official website.

Qemu KVM

Qemu KVM is also a popular emulator on Linux, allowing users to run multiple machines whose architecture is supported by Linux. Qemu can run KVM and is one of the faster emulators in Linux as it is programmed in C language. By default, Qemu comes with the GNU GPL license.

Features of Qemu KVM

Some of the salient features of QEMU KVM are provided below:

  • The virtual machine can be saved with all the running applications
  • X86 and SPARC architectures are supported by QEMU
  • The virtual machines are allowed to interface with USB, CD-ROM, and audio speakers

Install Qemu

  • To Install QemuKVM on Debian-based distributions, use the following link.
  • Read the instructions on their official website for other Linux systems.


VirtualBox is a robust emulator installed on Linux by running a simple command. VirtualBox is easy to use and can be used on Windows and Linux as an emulator. Oracle, the development team behind VirtualBox, ensures that the users can get the best emulator by resolving its bugs promptly.

VirtualBox is developed in the C, C++, and x86 programming languages.

Features of VirtualBox

Some of the salient features of VirtualBox are provided below:

  • Guest additions are supported
  • It can be run on a variety of 64-bit operating systems
  • It can save the snapshot of the virtual machine

Install VirtualBox

  • To Install VirtualBox on Debian-based distributions, use the following link.
  • For other Linux systems, go to the official website of VirtualBox.


The vineyard is the collection of tools used to run Windows-based applications on Linux, which can be considered similar to Linux. It helps users to integrate easily with Wine. It detects the features of the WineHQ automatically and can support EAX Emulation.

Features of Vineyard

Some of the salient features of Vineyard are provided below:

  • WineHQ features are auto-detected.
  • Supports EAX.
  • It can be run in a terminal.

Install Vineyard

  • To Install VMWare Workstation on Debian-based distributions, use the following link.
  • For other Linux distros, visit the official website of the Vineyard.

That’s all from this guide.


Emulators are used in Linux to run Windows and Windows-based applications. There are several emulators available on Linux. The choice of emulator depends on the user’s requirements and the user system’s support. This blog explores the top five best Windows emulators, which allow running windows-based applications on Linux.