How Someone Can Dox You in Discord?

Discord has become a center of attention for every kind of user such as gamers, creators, and enthusiasts. It offers various features for communication, such as creating or joining a server to communicate with others or using bots for automation purposes. However, these features can also be misused by individuals who are involved in doxing.

This article will guide users on how anyone can dox you on Discord and how to protect yourself from it.

What is Doxing?

Doxing is a process that includes exposing someone’s personal information to expose or harass them. So, especially those users who are new to Discord or who are careless can easily be doxxed.

How Someone Can Dox You in Discord?

Several methods are listed below that can be employed to dox you on Discord are listed below.

  • Finding the IP Address
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Social Engineering
  • Searching and Publishing Personal Information

Finding the IP Address

One method of doxing on Discord is by obtaining a user’s IP address which can be used to determine someone’s location to gather additional information about them.

Metadata Extraction

Discord’s platform allows users to share images, videos, and documents which contain metadata information such as the location from where it was captured, and timestamps. So by analyzing this information, one can gather additional details about the user.

Social Engineering

Social engineering involves manipulating individuals into disclosing sensitive information willingly. On Discord, this can occur by making them friends and gaining their trust and by applying phishing techniques. 

Searching and Publishing Personal Information

Doxing can also occur through manual searching and gathering personal information from various sources such as public chat logs, share files, and other platforms. Once the information is obtained, it can be shared publicly or used for doxing purposes.

How to Protect Yourself from Doxing?

Below are some of the ways that can be applied to protect yourself from doxing.

  • Using a VPN to Hide IP Address
  • Avoiding Sharing Personal Information
  • Using Unique Usernames
  • Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Using a VPN to Hide IP Address

By using a VPN, one can hide their IP address and make them anonymous by changing their location. So, in this way a user can hide their identity and it would be difficult for someone to dox them:

Avoiding Sharing Personal Information

Avoid sharing your personal information with unknown individuals, in this way no one would be able to access personal information, and doxing someone will be almost impossible to do.

Avoid Clicking on Malicious Links

Malicious links are one of the better methods for doxing someone as all it needs is to click on that link and provide their information. In this way, a sender will receive all that information and can use it for doxing purposes. So avoid clicking on any link especially if it is sent by any random person. 

Using Unique Usernames

Always try to use a unique name that should never reveal your true identity such as your real name, birthdate, or other personal information. Additionally, try to change your username frequently which will lower the chances of some to dox you even further.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

The two-factor authentication (2FA) enhances security by providing an additional verification step by receiving a code on your mobile device through an authenticator app. This can help prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of someone gaining control of your account especially if someone is trying to hack your account. This article can help readers to set up the two-factor authentication code for their account.

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Sharing someone’s personal information online with the purpose of harassing them is called doxing. This can be done by finding the IP address, extracting the metadata, doing social engineering, and searching online for personal information. So, to save themselves from doxing, a user can use a VPN and avoid sharing personal information, frequently changing a username, and enabling two-factor authentication. This blog has discussed how someone can Dox you on Discord.