Top Antispam Discord Bots

Discord is a well-known socializing platform that provides many features like text, voice, and video chatting. Discord allows users to create a community similar to a group feature on Facebook or WhatsApp. These groups are referred to as Discord servers. The admin of the server moderates a Discord server and generates sets of roles to avoid any unethical or irrelevant behavior. 

However, sometimes, the security of the server can be compromised. This can happen if AI-generated bots pose as real or users join the Discord server with malicious intentions. These bots can share harmful and unethical content. To stop these activities, admins use different Antispam bots on the server. These bots recognize and ban any suspicious activities.

This article will elaborate on the top Antispam bots on Discord.

What are the Top Antispam Bots on Discord?

Antispam bots on Discord stop users from sending spam and phishing links to the server. These bots really help in increasing the security of a Discord server and work as a defense against any raid. Following are the top Antispam bots to keep a Discord server safe:

  1. Good Knight
  2. Security
  3. Noctaly

Let’s explore the features of the above-mentioned bots one by one.

1. Good Knight

Good Knight Bot is a next-generation Antispam bot that protects the server from scammers and hackers. It protects against dangerous actions using a password so that an unknown intruder cannot do any violation or unauthorized action. This bot protects the server from a hacking attack even if the admin of the server has been compromised.

To add the Good Knight bot to the Discord server, navigate to the attached link:

2. Security

Security Bot on Discord protects the servers from raids and authenticates every user that joins the server. Security bot uses various verification tests to verify that the user is not an AI-generated robot that can harm the server. It has an anti-raid feature that uses a pre-built algorithm to push any malicious users out of the server. 

In order to invite a Security bot to Discord, follow the provided link:

3. Noctaly

Noctaly is a moderation bot for Discord that also provides security features. It automatically bans any user that is sharing spam links or performing suspicious activities. It also provides other features that could be fun for the server like reaction roles and rewards for active members to increase the server engagement. 

Users can add the Noctaly bot to the Discord server by navigating to the attached link:

4. keeps the server secure from scammers using different captcha verifications. It automatically detects and removes spam links in an instant. kicks the users that are unable to complete the captcha within the time limit set by the admins. flags the accounts that are involved in any suspicious activities. These accounts have to complete the verification process to enable their accounts. 

Users can add the from its official website and also from website:

That is all about the different Antispam bots that can be used on Discord.


Antispam bots protect the Discord servers from any security risks. There are many Antispam bots available for free on the internet. The best of them are Good Knight, Security, Noctaly, and These bots can be found on the “” website. This write-up has discussed different Antispam bots for the Discord server.